This is what Jenelle’s husband David Eason looks like without the beard, Rare (Photo)


In case you ever wondered how David Eason looks like without the beard, we’ve got you covered. Jenelle and David met in 2015, after previously ending her relationship with Nathan Griffith. She has a long history of dates, we’re going to mention some of them below.


Before stumbling upon David Eason, Jenelle started off her dating life with Andrew Lewis and ended it with Nathan Griffith. Out of her many relationships, the most significant ones before David were with Kieffer and Nathan.


Making it official

Jenelle made her relationship with David official in September 2015, by uploading a photo on Facebook.


As far as the parenting skills go, David is the man to call. We’ve seen him getting around pretty well with Jenelle’s children, but it’s because he practiced before.

Such a baby doll. ????

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Reportedly, he’s a father to a girl named Maryssa and a boy named Kaden. With their new daughter, Ensley, things can become a bit “hectic” sometimes. “We already have so many kids and it’s really time-consuming, it’s hectic,” Eason confessed in an interview with E! News.

“You all need to chill spreading rumors about being pregnant. I got the mirena BC implant immediately after having Ensley. No more babies! ????” Jenelle said of the pregnancy rumors.

Without the beard

As we could witness in many instances, having a beard can drastically change the way someone looks. David Eason is not an exception, many fans are wondering how he would look like without his facial hair, there aren’t many pictures of him without the beard but we managed to find a few.


David looks almost unrecognizable without his signature style, the beard does miracles for him.

Other celebs without the beard

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