Jenelle Evans slams Leah Messer calling her a “fake” and things got pretty messy

Jenelle and Leah have been co-stars for years, but every once in a while, one of them gets dragged into a “beef” on social media. A typical Teen Mom beef would start either with Farrah Abraham or Jenelle Evans, and this time it’s between Leah and Jenelle.


The most recent Teen Mom reunion was held in Los Angeles, and things got pretty messy. “My friend was terrified, she was right there and she thought one of the producers was going to get stabbed in the face, which is not OK!” Leah said.


“I don’t remember if it was because they were not serving any more alcohol or… but we were there for work! I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate,” Leah said of the “David situation.”

I love us. 🙃💕 @easondavid88 #RideOrDie #ForeverAndAlways

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Jenelle’s response

“Hey @TM2LeahDawn, last time I recalled the kids weren’t at the New Years party we were ‘working at.’ Stop being so dramatic,” Jenelle added.

“My name or my husband’s should never come out of your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of Course. #Fake,” Evans said of Leah. Jenelle was obviously referring to Kailyn’s podcast where Leah spilled out the truth.


“Kail uses anyone she can to gain whatever she can… remember that, why is my life your everyday topic for your show?” “Maybe I should be the one with a show then,” Jenelle tweeted out.

Last week, she called out Chelsea for being “boring AF.” To that, Chelsea’s response was: “… I enjoy waking up to my ‘boring’ life with my husband and kids everyday! We are all happy here!”