Jenelle Evans slams Chelsea Houska for using hair extensions and it backfires


Jenelle Evans seems to be throwing a shade at Chelsea Houska for using and promoting hair extensions. Chelsea Houska has always had lengthy, perfectly distributed hair and she’s keen to share her secrets on Instagram!

“OOOOO PUMPED about my new extensions ???????????? no more clip ins (woo!) ”


The 25-year-old mom revealed the source of her makeup and beauty trick, it’s actually all a part of her job. Chelsea is a licensed esthetician in her hometown in South Dakota. After having baby Watson, Chelsea withheld her license for the day she comes back to work.

“I did till I had watson! I’m gonna stay home with him since we are lucky enough to be able to do that 🙂 but still going to,” she revealed on twitter.

Jenelle strikes again


Jenelle apparently took a stab at Chelsea’s extension routine as she tweeted out: “Only get leave in extensions if you want your hair super thin and falling out after 3-4 months. ????”

The fans quickly caught up on what’s going on and defended Chelsea.

“She really tried to come for Chelsea’s extensions ???? like come on.” one fan said.

“Like her opinion even matters about Chelsea. She could NEVER be half as good as Chelsea even if she tried. Chelsea is living the life. No haters, no abuse, no mug shots. Her husband is wonderful and has a real life JOB! What life goals look like. #teamchelsea” someone tweeted out.

Support for Chelsea

The fans were really on Chelsea’s side this time around.

“When all you can hate on is her hair lol @ChelseaHouska has respect and class. Is an amazing mother. Married an amazing man. While your still a train wreck at almost 30”

“As a licensed hair stylist I can tell you that this is false, but good try. If done correctly they’re the best for your hair. Clip in extensions are the most damaging.”

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