Jenelle Evans finally explains why she sent Cease & Desist letters to her co-stars!


Jenelle is probably the only Teen Mom cast member to send cease & desist letter to her co-stars. Just a month ago, Evans and her husband, David, sent out a bunch of cease & desist letters to pretty much anyone talking about them.


“You are hereby warned and notified to cease and desist making false and defamatory statements regarding Mr. and Mrs. Eason and their family affairs,” the letter reads. “It has come to our attention that false and defamatory statements disparaging Mr. and Mrs. Eason’s character have been made by you via numerous social media postings,” said the letter.

The moms responded

Her co-stars were pretty much confused about the situation saying this like: “I just got a cease and desist from Jenelle and David. So there’s that lolll. #idonteventalkaboutyou”

“A few years ago she tweeted that I was on drugs ???? but here we are lol,” said Houska.

Lowry’s response was hilarious as well:

“How does one get a cease & desist from someone they don’t care to talk about… & if i did, it’s my opinion #hijenelle #byejenelle”

Leah Messer said: “I was literally harassed for a week or two via text messages from Jenelle after I was home from the reunion #thisiscraziness.”

The fans had their own way of seeing this: “Defamation is defined as the act of damaging ones good reputation.. Jenelle doesn’t have a good reputation to damage.”

An explanation

Recently, Jenelle took to Instagram to explain what happened: “It’s funny all of you think the cease and desist letters were ‘solely’ about writing articles? Lol …. uhm no,” she responded to one fan. “If I sent out letters it’s because they were speaking false statements on social media that was slandering my name. Everyone doesn’t care to mention the truth because they want to make themselves look like the ‘good’ ones. And by the way… I don’t control or write any of those articles posted to my social media pages. If it wasn’t for me none of the teen mom would have ads on their IG stories lol.”


That’s one way to look at it, no other comments have been made about this topic.

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