Indiana Boy Raises Money To Help Cancer Victims By Selling “Ugly Pumpkins”


10-year old Charlie Jones discovered a means of generating funds to help victims fighting cancer.

He said his family’s patio consisted of pumpkins such as Ugly pumpkins, pretty pumpkins, jack ‘o lantern pumpkins & gourds but the really ugly pumpkins which are misshaped and weird-looking, are the ones he likes the most.

To get strange looking pumpkins, Charlie had to harvest the seeds of rotting pumpkins. Whenever it was time for harvesting, the results were amazing.

These pumpkins were bringing in a lot of profit and he gave the profits of $720 in all, to the Boone County Cancer Society.

The executive director of the Boone County Cancer Society, Joy Kaylor, expressed gratitude and said the donation couldn’t have come at a better time as the pandemic has cut fundraising efforts in half.

Charlie intends to continue this kind act all over again next year.

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Leke Babalola