Hungarian Biologist Creates Cute Biologically Accurate Animal Miniatures


A 39-year-old Hungarian artist by the name, Fanni Sandor, has garnered some attention and social media ‘clout’ for a feat that’s really adorable.

Fanni Sandor – a biologist by profession, creates cute, and meticulously detailed miniatures of animals that are so life-like, you could mistake them for real animals. Her passion for this is inspired by her profession as a biologist and her kids’ interest in animals.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Sandor described herself as an environmentalist who has worked on nature conservation projects. In the interview, she claims she had always reserved interest in miniature art ever since she was a child.

She started making miniatures when she was just six years old! Starting at such an early age definitely helped her sharpen and hone her skills.
“In my twenties, I saw professional miniaturists work for the first time through the internet. I was completely fascinated,” she recounted.

She further explained how that was the ‘eureka moment’ that propelled her to make miniature art at a professional level.

She said in the interview, that miniatures like these take between 2 days to 2 weeks to complete. Depending on how much detailing is required.

A cute little mouse. This is probably her most popular crafting, as it’s continued to be featured on numerous blogs.

The detailing of her work is nothing short of amazing!

In 2014, Fanni was awarded the IGMA (International Guild of Miniature Artisans) Artisan title for her incredible work and craftsmanship. Two years later, she was also given the prestigious IGMA Fellow title. She described the recognition by saying it made her feel “over the moon”.

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