How these sheep got into someone’s house is unbelievable


Sometimes when you think you’re doing someone a favour and helping them, you’re actually just making the situation worse…

Take Rocky, the sheepdog-in-training, for example. At just seven month’s old, he took the honour of herding a flock of sheep to his owner’s farm whilst she was in the kitchen.

It gets better.

Credit: Fortitude Press

They weren’t even their sheep!

And rather than herding them into their pen at the farm, Rocky got them all into the house!

The owner left the kitchen only to find an entire flock chilling in the hallways of the house.

Credit: METRO

Upon being in an unfamiliar situation, unluckily for the farm owner, Rosalyn Edwards, the nine sheepish sheep begun peeing and pooping on the floor.

The 40 year old from Devon said:

‘I thought it was funny at the time, but then there was quite a lot of wee, poo and mud everywhere.

‘It took me a little while to clean it all up.

‘My son and husband had gone out into the field, and the gate was left open. Rocky got them out and led them to the house.

‘I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. I turned around and the sheep were just standing there.

‘There were about nine of them.

‘I took the children into another room and then tried to guide the sheep out. They went right around from the kitchen and left again through the porch.’

Credit: Fortitude Press

In the video below, Rosalyn, who runs a small farm along with her husband Andrew, you can hear her trying to shoo the sheep to get them on the move.

She said the flock shuffled through their house, trampling dirt wherever they went. 

Only after they’d had a good look around, Rosalyn said they finally left through the porch at the entrance to their house!

She claims to have seen the funny side of her eager-to-learn sheepdog’s efforts, despite the chaos caused!

She added, Rocky did look quite pleased with himself, but he’s going to need more training.


‘He brought a whole new meaning to “bringing the sheep home”.

‘This is the first time he’s done something like this. He’s been out with the sheep before but this time the gate was open.

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