How one person’s dog unexpectedly got them a job!

Friday night’s are usually a time for relaxing and winding down from a busy week, but for one person, their dog would do something that would make them remember that Friday forever!

The post was shared on Tumblr and went viral as people fell in love with the heartwarming story.

Written by gallusrostromegalus:

Ok, so friday night is Fiance’s D&D night, and since I’m bushed by the end of the week, so I usually go get a pizza and spend the night watching murder mysteries and writing trashy fiction with Charlie.

This is Charlie:


So last month I take him with me to get pizza, and for funsies, we walk around the shopping center and pass by this specialty butcher/fishmonger place. I stuck my head in the door to see what they had becuase you don’t bring your dog into places without permission.

“Hi! I just wanted to see what you have on offer her-”

“OH MY GOD CAN I GIVE YOUR DOG A BONE?”  Yells the lady inside.  We come in and suddenly my little brat is The World’s Most Perfect Angel ™ because there is steak on offer and does his best doe-eyed begging at her and the rest of the staff and was all around very charming.  He got a beef bone (raw, which is safe for dogs as long as they’re supervised whilst chewing and you toss it if it starts to get gross, I asked the vet) and fussed over and all in all it was a very good time.


Friday, I go back for my semi-weekly pizza, pop in to say Hi, and the nice lady that runs the shop asks “WHERE’S CHARLIE?” and I explain that he’s staying with my parents for finals, we talk about her dog, we talk about school, we talk about the crap job market and I mention that I had a passing knowledge of butchering technique and still had my food handler’s permit.

“Look, my apprentice is leaving in February.”  She says. “If you get your permit re-upped by then you can have his job.  But you also have to bring Charlie.”


So, uh… Yeah, starting next week I have an apprentice butchering job? Because my dog is cute?