He Was Heartbroken After His Dog Died, Then He Met Sammi The Chicken


Most chickens don’t like water. But then again most chickens aren’t pets. Sammi is unique, a one of a kind chicken!

Dave Cox and his pet chicken Sammi are the best of friends, they take road trips every weekend and document this on Instagram!

But it’s a heartbreaking, yet heartwarming, story.

Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

If you follow the unusual duo on Instagram, you will see photos of all the trips they go on all across the United States. They’ve been to New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Vegas, and more!

Her favourite place to visit however.. is the beach.

“She would swim out and circle me,” said Cox. “She was totally chill. She just kind of took to it.”

Sometimes Cox also shares videos! Including many of him and Sammi taking a morning swim in Tampa, Florida.

When Cox met Sammi, it wasn’t long after he had lost his best friend of 17 years. A blue heeler dog named Cort. Upon his dog dying, Cox became depressed and didn’t think he would ever have that type of bond with an animal again.

“I never thought I would feel about a chicken the way you would your dog,” Cox said.

Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

Cox takes Sammi the chicken absolutely everywhere along with him, even every day things like shopping at the supermarket.

“I just enjoy having her with me,” he said. “I love this little girl.”

“She’s just the sweetest thing.”

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