Guy matches with a hottie on Tinder, what she orders at the date had him on the ropes

Tinder is a place that’s almost perfect for casual ‘hooking up’ and people sure have the talent to recognize it. It’s being used every day by millions of people, mostly millennials, and middle-aged single people.


Tinder has certain advantages over traditional dating methods, such as getting to know your partner before diving into them, literally. A user-defined explanation of Tinder is “A popular dating app for college students used on iphones and androids. In which you select individual based on your attractiveness to said individual and an individual brief statement. Its pretty much the most shallow thing in the world.

“How can I creep on girls on my phone?”
“Tinder” – Urban Dictionary.

Disclaimer: the girl in the image was used for entertainment/illustration purposes only, she isn’t related to the following story.

Meeting a gold digger?

A Redditor that goes by the name “minilogo37” has had a strange experience when it comes to Tinder.

“I signed up for Tinder, just to see what would happen. A few hours later, I got “superliked,” which is apparently better than “liked.” We talked for a few days, she seemed super cool. I suggested a date, and she insisted on it being dinner. Cool.”


Meeting up

“We met up tonight at a restaurant I’d picked out…”


Order up!

“Then, she orders a $25 steak and $22 crab legs…”


“As we were finishing…”


Pretty harsh


Luckily for him, the internet was on his side.

“You played the player at her own game and won,” someone commented.

“That girl is working the system, but on a good note you probably wont make the same mistake again? People on tinder are scummy”

“I’m so happy that my country doesn’t have that “man pays a dinner” culture. If you’re not a family member, you’ll pay your own order.”