Grandma, Age 100, Gives Advice To Stressed New Yorkers Via Skype

Eileen Wilkinson is a 100-year-old grandmother who has lots and lots of wisdom to share!

Thanks to the help of her grandson, Eileen has a makeshift office set up on one of the busy streets of New York.

Thanks to this she is allowed to share her years of wisdom with total strangers!

She also has a Facebook page, Grandma Eileen.

Credit: Youtube / CBS News

Anyone in the street can come and sit down and chat with Eileen even though she lives all the way in Washington state, across the country.

Credit: Youtube / CBS News

Hundreds of people have already stopped by her booth in hopes of hearing the advice of such a wise woman, or just to have a quick chat.

Credit: Youtube / CBS News

Check out the video below: