After Being Given Two Weeks To Live Due to a Rare Cancer, Thanks To Cannabis His Recovery story is Incredible


Thanks to cannabis, this young boy’s cancer recovery story is incredible!

When Carrie Blackwell’s son Deryn exhausted all options of modern medicine and received a terminal cancer diagnosis, she risked spending up to 14 years in prison, when giving him cannabis in an attempt to help alleviate some of the symptons he was experiencing.

Credit: UNILAD

“It sounds awful, but he looked forward to dying because after being ill for four years, he just wanted an end to it,”

Carrie said in an interview with UNILAD.

I didn’t want to live any more, because it was just uncertain. I didn’t know if I was going to live ill for 5 years, or drop down dead the next day,

replied Deryn.

The recovery was astonishing, after Deryn’s health went from serious to life-threatening. The risky move on mum’s behalf not only removed Deryn’s suffering but potentially became the missing puzzle piece leading toward his recovery.

At just 10 years old, Deryn was diagnosed with leukemia, and just two years later he developed a very rare cancer called Langerhans cell sarcorsa, which appears on the tonsils, and has only been reported on 37 times within English literature. The diagnosis made Deryn just one of the five people in the world to have the disease.

Credit: UNILAD

He is the only person in the world to have these two cancers simulataneously, which lead to Carrie documenting Deryn’s story in full detail in the book, “The Boy in 7 Billion”.

After four unsuccessful bone marrow transplants, Deryn’s immune system completely shut down, leading him to survive on nothing but antibiotics. At age 14, he was placed in a children’s hospital and given just a few days to live.

Credit: Carrie Blackwell

He was in such excruciating pain and so much suffering that Deryn wanted to, and attempted to, kill himself — At one point even begging mum Carrie to take him to Brussels where he’d heard it was legal to use euthanasia on teenagers.

Desperate to help her son in any way she could, she did something she was hesitant to do for a long while – she gave her son cannabis oil in hopes it would help alleviate his pain somewhat. As Deryn had already planned his funeral, she had no hopes of him surviving. Albeit knowing doing so was illegal in the UK, Carrie said,

“I was willing to face 14 years, every single day of 14-year sentence, just to give him the alleviation that it gave him.”

Credit: UNILAD

Thanks to the Cannabis, Deryn felt the effects immediately. He felt relaxed, at ease, with no anxiety and no pain. That was all his mum could ever ask for, however, something remarkable and totally unexpected also happened.

After just 5 days of using cannabis medicinally, Deryn’s body began producing the white blood cells it needed to help his body heal. By day 104, he felt completely healthy;

“Honestly the effects of it blew my mind. It wasn’t what I expected”

Credit: UNILAD

Blown about by Deryn’s recovery, she checked with the doctors if any of the drugs they were administering could’ve caused this effect and was told no.

To double check, she stopped giving the cannabis oil treatment for a short while, and the white blood count fell again.

Although Carrie isn’t sure if cannabis cured Deryn, she finds no other answer, besides the fact that it was cannabis that provided the final and neccessary push Deryn needed for his recovery.

Credit: UNILAD

Many do not believe in miracles, however, Deryn is out of the hospital and will be enjoying his 18th birthday at the end of the year!

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