Forget Boxes, This Cat Took Things A Step Further (VIDEOS INSIDE)!


Cats are known for getting into boxes, cupboards, behind couches, whatever tiny space they can find and can get comfy in – but one cat went a step further!

Last Week, Pip Harris shared a post on Facebook of the hilarious story of what her cat got up to.

Credit: Facebook / Pip Harris

Okay so here’s what my dumbass of a cat decided to do at 3am last night he was sitting on my cupboard for a minute just meowing at the light so I thought there must be a moth or something up there but nope, he wanted to try and sleep in the wire lampshade ???????? nobody can ever tell me their cat is more extra than mine #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #catsagram #catlovers #ginger #gingercat #wtf #soextra #why #whyyougottabelikethat #help

said Harris, before sharing the infamous videos of her gorgeous cat.

The videos have been viewed millions of times, whilst the post was shared 100,000 times.

The international attention the post received lead Pip to update the post, after posting it.

Edit: To answer some Qs I keep getting asked – He jumped up there from the cupboard corner I show briefly in the first video, he’s never done this before (that I know of ha), I was already on snapchat so basically soon as he jumped just started recording. He stayed up there a good 15/20 minutes (last video was about 10 minutes after the first 3) and then started meowing at me and swinging around again and at that point I was too tired to deal with him and got on a chair and pulled him out, he then returned to his usual place on top my my Skinks viv. He’s fine guys, don’t worry.

This week, she also shared another photo of Norman the cat, with the caption:

When you are a viral sensation but all you care about is bothering the snails

and this video:

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