First Person to Receive a Medical Marijuana Prescription in the UK has no Seizures in 300 Days


An eleven year old boy who was dying from severe epilepsy which was causing hundreds of seizures a day, has not had a single one for 300 days since being prescribed a medical marijuana product.

Billy Caldwell began treatment with cannabis oil in the US, where medical marijuana is legal in many states in 2016, to help with his intractable epilepsy.

Credit: Facebook / Keep Billy Alive

Following this, his prescription was then transferred to his local GP, Brendan O’Hare, in Northern Ireland. This lead to Billy becoming the first person in the United Kingdom to receive a medical marijuana prescription.

The medicine contains a compound called CBD found in cannabis plants, which doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals. The company, Billy’s Bud, was formed and named after Billy in July.

His mother, Charlotte Caldwell claimed the cannabis oil has also improved his autism, for example, helping Billy have better eye contact and engage more with books and toys.

Credit: The National Autistic Society

Campaigners say CBD can also help with diseases including cancer and Crohn’s disease. It is legal in the UK and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation Agency have said CBD has a positive effect on physiological functions.

Earlier this year, the family, along with an independent committee set up a “Sponsor a Bud” programme, to help low income families from the UK and Ireland obtain CBD via a Bud grant.

Credit: phytopluscbd

Billy’s parents held a celebration, to celebrate the phenomenal change for the better in Billy’s health, saying “we have decided to hold a small celebration in recognition of all those people that have helped us “Keep Billy Alive”.” You can continue supporting the campaign via GoFundMe!

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