First Clone Of Endangered Horse Born In Effort To Save Species


The Przewalski’s is an endangered species of horse found in Mongolia. They are known to be a wild species of horses and are distant cousins of modern-day domestic horses.

Research has found that they likely split from a common ancestor about 500,000 years ago. They were once extinct in the wild, which led to the idea of a breeding program that helped revive the species and also reintroduced them into the grasslands of China and Mongolia. 


Przewalski’s horses are not the only species that are being revived and restored. Six other endangered/extinct species, which include the Wooly Mammoth, that went extinct about 4,000 years back is on the list. Many Other organizations and researchers are making attempts to revive extinct or endangered species with the aid of biotechnology.

San Diego Zoo Global partnered with Revive & Restore (a wildlife conservation group that aims to incorporate biotechnology into conservation efforts) and ViaGen Equine (a company that clones horses and pets) to successfully clone the Przewalski’s horse.

Ryan Phelan, executive director of Revive & Restore said, “the birth of this horse expands the limitless opportunity for the genetic rescue of all endangered wild species”.

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Leke Babalola