Every time this principal has to cancel school, he does it with a bang…

A principal from Florence, Kentucky has gone viral after the hilarious video announcements he makes on his school, Union Pointe Academy’s, Facebook page whenever school has to be cancelled.

For the past few years, since being promoted, principal Chad Caddell  said he’s been creating parody videos to bring a positive energy and sense of humour into his role.

So, upon realising he had to announce school cancelations on three days in January due to heavy snow, he decided that sending an email or text message simply wouldn’t do… Instead he’d sing!

First was a parody of Mariah Carey’s “Hero”!

“Our principal, Chad Caddell, has a school closing message for parents and students. Stay warm and safe!” added the school.

Next to be taken on was “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks:

“Well kids, sleep in tomorrow my little cowpokes. No school tomorrow, Friday, January 12 due to inclement weather.” added Mr. Caddell

And, saving the best for last, in the most recent announcement, Taylor Swift gets a feature!

UPA students and families, due to inclement weather and poor road conditions, school is closed on Tuesday, January 16. And kids, knowing your love for T-Swift…..well…..

“I am going to start following this page so I can keep up on the snow day’s, even though I live in Phoenix Arizona and did I mention I don’t have (cough) kid’s …,” commented one Facebook user.