Dennis Rodman Plans To Talk Friend Kim-Jong Un Out Of Starting A Nuclear War


Former NBA player, Dennis Rodman, who happens to be friends with Kim Jonh-Un has offered to mitigate international tensions between the dictator of North Korea and President Donald Trump.

Credit: AP

Rodman has visited North Korea and the leader Kim Jong-un several times, saying “Kim is just like everybody else” when asked about his friendship with the dictator. On Wednesday, during an interview with “Good Morning Britain”, the former NBA star told presenter Piers Morgan that his trips to Pyongyang with Kim Jong-un involved “cool things” such as skiing, horseback riding, karaoke and laughing.

When asked about the current tensions, Rodman stated he “just wants to try to straighten things out” and for “everyone to get along together”.

Source: AP

Kim, who is known to be a basketball enthusiast, has invited Dennis Rodman to North Korea multiple times, sometimes with players from both North Korea and the USA playing on mixed teams. After one match, a VICE reporter said Rodman addressed a crowd of thousands, telling Kim, “You have a friend for life”.

In 2014, Rodman went through with a plan to take a group of retired NBA players to North Korea for an exhibition game, however soon became upset when the event was overshadowed by politics. In a fiery interview with CNN, Rodman claimed the game was a “birthday present” for his “best friend” Kim Jong Un. Rodman also claimed that “One day this door is going to open because of these 10 guys here.”

Credit: Youtube / Sky News

In the coming months, we’ll have to keep an eye on Rodman and any further trips to North Korea. It’s 2017, anything can happen, and maybe Dennis Rodman will single handedly ease tensions between North Korea and the United States of America.

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