Dan Le Batard Pays Salary, Gives Raise, To Show Producer Who’d Been Laid Off By The Company


This year has been a rough one because of COVID-19 disrupting offices. Layoffs have spread quickly to even the top-tier of media organizations. But if you sift through the rubble and look very closely, you can occasionally find something that warms the heart.

After being laid off at ESPN, Dan Le Batard’s show producer, Chris Cote announced on Twitter that his time was up. Shortly after, Le Batard noted that laying off of his long-time producer was done without consulting him. he said, “It’s the greatest disrespect of my professional career that I got no notice, no collaboration.”

Le Batard announced on his popular show that he was hiring back Cote out of his pocket, filling the role of a personal assistant, and giving Cote a raise.

Le Batard said, “I’m going to hire Chris Cote as my assistant to fill the role, with a raise on his present salary to fill the position vacated by Allyson Turner. I will cover the raise. I will cover the entire thing.”


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Leke Babalola