Dachshund and Lion Form Unusual but Adorable Friendship


There have been quite some unusual animal friendships, but this one really stands out. A little dachshund, Abby has become best buds with Bonedigger – a fully-grown male lion!

Bonedigger, at 350 pounds, could make a snack of the teeny little Abby, but their bond is so tight that the lion would usually moan when Abby leaves in the evening.

Zookeepers say that the lion isn’t friendly to everyone, just Abby the dachshund.

This weird friendship becomes even weirder, as they both enjoy spending time with each other, more than they do with other animals.

They are both inseparable! Visitors at the rescue zoo have admitted that this duo is their favorite to see.

That’s just because of how truly fascinating they are.

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Leke Babalola