Chelsea Houska drops a huge name hint for her upcoming baby girl


In case you haven’t been following the Teen Mom show and the girls for a while, a lot of exciting things happened. First off, Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her third child and it couldn’t be more exciting!


Chelsea’s ‘small’ family is about to get a whole lot bigger!

It’s a girl!


Houska posted the update in March 2018 and nobody could hide the excitement! “….GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited! ????”

Pregnancy progress


According to the latest update, Chelsea and the baby are doing just fine and the baby should be arriving soon.

“When will you have the baby?” a fan asked. Chelsea replied with “Sometime in the next 10 weeks!”


The name


Although they’ve been transparent with the pregnancy, the Teen Mom 2 couple have yet to share the chosen name for their upcoming baby girl.

“Did you guys pick a unique name for little girl DeBoer like you did for Watson?” a fan tweeted out to Chelsea. She replied with “I don’t think it’s really ‘unique’!” “I’ve definitely seen/heard it before on boys and girls!” Houska tweeted out.

A gossip website supposedly leaked out the name but it was all false information. “Lol!… [Definitely] not the real name and also not my middle name! I don’t know why people do that hahaha,” Chelsea confirmed.

Fans speculated on the name for a while and they all agree that it must be something unique. “She said on Kail’s podcast she hates when people name their kids all the same letters or names that go all together, so I doubt she would be using another W name.” User wrote, “I doubt she is going to reveal before the birth,” one fan wrote.

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