‘Secret Santa’ Gives The Greatest Gift Of All, Helping 200 Families

Christmas came early for around 200 families in Pennsylvania earlier this week.

An anonymous donor coined as ‘Santa B’ has settled over $40,000 worth of layaway holiday gift bills, at a Walmart store in Everett earlier this week, say The Associated Press.

The kind-hearted stranger has been given the nickname “Santa B” by store staff – he also pulled an equally generous stunt last year at the same outlet!

Credit: Walmart

Well appreciated

One of the beneficiaries of the loving gesture, Kristen Martin, who had put all her children’s Christmas gifts on layaway this year, told WJAC-TV an affiliate of NBC how much the gesture meant to her:

“I think it means more to me, but I think they’ll (her children) be happy. I remember when I was growing up for Christmas. I was just telling my mom the other day that I want my kids to have Christmas like that.”

Credit: Walmart Delavan

“I think they have lots of treasures in heaven,” Martin added, in praise of the mysterious benefactor.”

Inspiring others

As the holiday season continues, similar acts of kindness have been taking place all across the country.

For example, in Scottsdale, Arizona, staff at a diner gave someone a $17 tab over the weekend… the generous customer gave a $2,000 tipped.

The Shawnee Police Department in Kansas have been handing out bundles of $10,000 in cash on behalf of a donor (anonymous, of course!).

Note By Einstein On The Key To A Happy Life Sold For $1.5 Million Dollars!

A note that was hand-written by Albert Einstein with his advice on living a happy life has sold at an auction house in Jerusalem for $1.56 million.

In November of 1922, whilst traveling to Japan from Europe for a lecture series. During the journey, the 43-year-old learned that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Credit: AFP Photo / Getty Images

Einstein stayed in a secluded room at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. When a courier came to his room to make a delivery and clean the room, he had no money to tip him with. Instead, he handed the messenger a note written in Germany:

“A calm and humble life will bring more happiness than the pursuit of success and the constant restlessness that comes with it.”

This note sold for $1.56 million.

Another second note, which Einstein wrote at the same time, sold for $240,000. This one said:

Credit: AFP Photo / Getty Images

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

The buyer’s and seller’s identity have both been kept private at their request.

20 Hilarious Detention Slips That Would Even Have Parents Laughing About Their Kid Getting Detention

Getting detention is never fun, not for the students, and especially not for the parents. Some of these detention slips, however, are pretty silly and funny, and would even have the parent laughing before they discipline their child!

1. You need to call an ambulance, not give them detention!

Credit: distractify

2. When a teacher’s ego stops THEM from accepting when they’re wrong…

Credit: distractify

3. Just a detention?

Credit: distractify

4. You know the teacher secretly liked the pun

Credit: distractify

5. Send him to social studies class to learn what a communist is

Credit: distractify

6. When you get your kid TOO involved in politics and social causes

Credit: distractify

7. Boys CAN multitask

Credit: distractify

8. But… YOLO!

Credit: distractify

9. When your kid is a potterhead

Credit: distractify

10. Maybe he’s telling the truth

Credit: distractify

11. Although it’s a pretty common thing to do… apparently

Credit: distractify

12. When you forget you’re not in drama class anymore

Credit: distractify

13. This one was pretty good

Credit: distractify

14. LOL

Credit: distractify

15. Is being called a furby that bad?

Credit: distractify

16. Disturbing? More like entertaining!

Credit: distractify

17. Wow religion is scary

Credit: distractify

18. You’ll regret giving the second coming detention

Credit: distractify

19. We all thought about it at some point

Credit: distractify

20. No book learning in this class!

Credit: distractify

Wonder Why Dogs Enjoy Eating Grass So Much?! Here’s 4 Strange Reasons

If you ask a dog owner if their dog eats grass, most of the time, they’ll say yes! However, most of us are left guessing why this common behavior happens.

Let’s examine the research and find out why our beloved hounds enjoy eating grass so much.

Credit: Flickr / benangel218

1. Territorial Invasion

Some research has suggested that dogs may eat grass that has been marked to sniff and taste who had been in their territory.

It’s well known how sensitive a dog’s nose is, as well as their sense of taste, and how important those sniff postings are on their daily walks and outings.

Credit: Cesar’s Way

2. Upset stomachs

Although experts say less than 10 percent of dogs who eat grass appears to be ill, and less than 25 percent actually vomit from eating grass, some suspect that dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit, however, they may vomit by coincidence as a result of eating grass. This brings up the question of, ‘do dogs know enough to eat the green stuff from the garden when their stomachs are upset?’ – That’s up for debate!

Credit: Dogster

3. Pica

Pica is a condition in animals and people that causes them to crave things containing certain nutrients and minerals that they are deficient in. Dogs also eat soil too, sometimes.

If you find your dog is eating grass and soil, ensure you have your veterinarian chheck for deficiencies. Pica can also be caused by boredom, which most vets consider as normal behavior for dogs!If you suspect pica, try to get your dog to exercise more. I’m talking playtime with Frisbees or ball chasing and longer walks — and get him a good sturdy chew thing for when you are away from home.

A way to help support a dog with pica is by trying to get your beloved dog to do more exercise. This could involve playtime with frisbees and ball chasing, as well as longer walks than usual. Something else that may help is a good sturdy chew toy to enjoy whilst you’re away from home.

4. Taste

Just like many of us enjoy a good salad, some research suggests dogs may actually crave the taste of grass. Some enjoyable variety can be added to a canine’s daily protein-packed meals by grazing on those yummy greens in your garden.