The internet is going wild for this guy who gets pulled over for going slow in the fast lane

We all know that feelings of being trapped behind somebody going slow, and it’s especially frustrating when they’re in the fast lane! 

That’s why the internet is praising an Indiana state trooper on social media for pulling over a slow driver in the fast lane.

Credit: Sgt. Stephen Wheeles / Twitter

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles posted a photo of a car he pulled over for violating the “slowpoke” law that went into effect recently in Indiana.

The law states that drivers in the fast lane have to move over if the car behind them is going faster, otherwise they could get a $500 fine.

“I stopped this vehicle today for a left lane violation on I-65,” Wheeles wrote on Twitter. “The driver had approximately 20 cars slowed behind her because she would not move back to the right lane.

Again…if there are vehicles behind you, you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass.”

Credit: Sgt. Stephen Wheeles / Twitter

Thousands of Twitter users are asking Wheeles to transfer to their state. He’s also received support from famous athletes.

Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Troy Aikman tweeted: “Finally!”

Indy Car Driver Graham Rahal tweeted: “This guy is my hero.”

What do you think, should more states incorporate this law?

No one could help this man during a flight, then a teenager grabs his hands

Flying can be stressful and anxiety-inducing for the best of us, however this story shows there are people willing and happy to help when someone is in distress.

Lynette Scribner of Seaside, Oregon, was on a flight with a blind and deaf man. Many people tried to help the man but no one could communicate with him, which made it difficult to assist him.

Then a teenage girl walked up and grabbed his hands.

Credit: Lynette Scribner

Lynette posted the wonderful story on Facebook:

“I saw this gentleman, Tim, in Boston’s Logan airport with the sister he’d been visiting.

It appeared he was both deaf and blind, as I observed her signing into his hand for him to feel her words.

When he came aboard the plane he had been assigned the middle seat of my row.

The kind gentleman who had the aisle seat graciously gave it up for him.

At this point Tim was traveling alone.

The flight attendants sincerely wanted to assist him, but had no way to communicate.

I watched as they didn’t flinch when he reached out to touch their faces and arms.

They took his hand and tried so hard to communicate with him, to no avail.

The man who had given up his seat did his best to assist him with things like opening coffee creamer and putting it in his coffee.

When Tim made the attempt to stand up and feel his way to the restroom, his seat mate immediately was up to help him.

The flight attendants were talking among themselves and someone suggested paging to see if anyone on board knew sign language.

That’s when this lovely young woman came into the picture.

15 years old, she learned ASL because she had dyslexia and it was the easiest foreign language for her to learn.

For the rest of the flight she attended to Tim and made sure his needs were met.

It was fascinating to watch as she signed one letter at a time into his hand.

He was able to ‘read’ her signing and they carried on an animated conversation.

When he asked her if she was pretty, she blushed and laughed as the seat mate, who had learned a few signs, communicated an enthusiastic yes to Tim.

All of us in the immediate rows were laughing and smiling and enjoying his obvious delight in having someone to talk to.

Huge kudos to the flight attendants of Alaska Airlines who went above and beyond to meet Tim’s needs.

I can’t say enough about this beautiful young woman named Clara who didn’t think twice about helping her fellow passenger.

It was a beautiful reminder, in this time of too much awfulness, that there are still good, good people who are willing to look out for each other.

6/21/18 Addendum: This has come to the attention of Alaska Airlines and they are in touch with Clara’s family, the facility where Tim lives, and the kind seat mate. I have been so touched by the response to this story. We are all starving for good news and this was just what we needed. Thanks all!”

How’s your 2018 resolution going? This woman’s saved a stranger’s life!

Last December, a 29-year-old woman made a New Year’s resolution that would change someone’s life.

She made the decision to donate a kidney and save someone’s life.

Last night, Jessica Morris made good on her resolution.

“I knew that (donating a kidney) is what I wanted to do. I had no interest in working out,” Morris told KTVU.

Jessica Morris and David Nicherie / KTVU

Hundreds of miles away from Morris, a 29-year-old Oakland man named David Nicherie was dying. He was on a transplant list but they said it would be at least 15 years.

“I was depressed,” he said. “I was sad all the time.”

Nicherie was desperate. So he put an ad on Craigslist telling people his story and seeing if there was anyone who would be willing to donate their kidney to him.

Morris saw the ad and replied.

“I wanted someone who was going to be able to tell me their life struggles, what they went through and how it was going to change them,” she told KTVU. “Also, I wanted it to go to someone who needed it the most.”

After months of testing, Morris learned she was a perfect match.

The operation last night lasted for several hours. Morris and Nicherie are both recovering at UCSF Medical Center.

When Nicherie was asked about Morris, he said, “I just see her as a gift from God.”

Domino’s Pizza Are Literally Repairing Roads Across America: Read The Story, Including How To Request A Repair!

Domino’s has been hiring work crews to repair potholes in cities across America to ensure their pizzas “make it home safely.”

The Paving for Pizza initiative is filling “cracks, bumps, potholes and other road conditions [that] can put good pizzas at risk after they leave the store,” the press release said.

Credit: Domino’s Pizza

“Have you ever hit a pothole and instantly cringed? We know that feeling is heightened when you’re bringing home a carryout order from your local Domino’s store. We don’t want to lose any great-tasting pizza to a pothole, ruining a wonderful meal,” said Russell Weiner, president of Domino’s USA. “Domino’s cares too much about its customers and pizza to let that happen.”

Domino’s has already worked alongside four municipalities to help repair roads that directly affect their customers, including Burbank, CA (five holes fixed), Bartonville, TX (eight holes), an impressive 40 holes fixed in Milford, DE, and an astounding 150 potholes filled in Athens, GA.

Credit: Domino’s Pizza

To nominate your town, visit the Paving for Pizza ( website and enter your city’s zip code.

If selected, “the city will receive funds to help repair roads so pizzas make it home safely.”

Latvian Firefighter Incredibly Catches Suicidal Woman Mid-Air

A firefighter with the National Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia caught a woman mid-air after she jumped from the window of an apartment building in a suicide attempt.

Meet the hero, Tomas Jaunzems.

Credit: Tomas Jaunzems / Facebook

Last weekend, the National Fire and Rescue Service received a call to an apartmentment building where there was suspicion of a woman planning to jump from a fourth-story window.

Jaunzems and his crew arrived on the scene and made their way into an apartment just below the woman. While Jaunzems waited for a fall at the window, his colleague Boris Rutkowska tried to stabilize him as firmly as possible.

Suddenly, the woman jumped.

“At that moment, I thought I must catch her and there is no option to fail,” Jaunzems said.

Source: Latvian firefighters catch woman mid-air attempting suicide by rumblestaff

Jaunzems and Rutkovskim of the eighth section of the Riga Region Administration were presented with awards by the National Fire and Rescue Service and the Ministry of the Interior for their heroic act.

Credit: National Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia

“Today, Minister of the Interior Rihards Kozlovskis presented the Ministry of the Interior awards “For self-denial” to the rescuers of the SGBR Riga regional fire brigade – Tomas Jaunzems and Boris Rutkovskis, thanks to which the life of human beings was rescued,” the National Fire and Rescue Service wrote on Facebook.

The reason why this dad took his son’s girlfriend to prom is beautiful

Many high school students look forward to their senior prom for months, maybe even years, however things don’t always turn out as expected.

The senior prom at James Buchanan High School in Mercersburg, PA, was just one month after Carter Brown died in a car accident.

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Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

So, Carter’s father, Robert Brown, escorted his late son’s girlfriend, Kaylee, to the big dance.

Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

“My son was a sweet, caring kid, and Kaylee is very sweet too, and she is a part of our family,” Robert told the Centre Daily Times. “When the passing topic of prom came up, I kept thinking my son would want her to go. That prompted me to get the ball rolling.”

Though a devastated Suders initially did not want to attend the prom, once Robert had contacted the school and gotten permission to take the heartbroken girl, she agreed to attend with her boyfriend’s dad.

Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

“I know it would have made Carter happy that I still went, and I know he’s smiling ear to ear at the fact I went with his dad,” she added.

Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

The photos were shared on Facebook by Carter’s mother, Kelly Brown.

Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

“Add this to the list of reasons why I love my husband… Since Carter couldn’t escort Kaylee to her prom, Robert stepped in. Kaylee, I know Rob wasn’t your first choice for a date, but he will forever be mine,” she said.

Credit: Kelly O’Neil Brown / Facebook

The parents of Carter Brown added:

“We have four sons, and we lost our second oldest, Christopher, seven months before we lost Carter,” Brown said. “Life will have all kinds of curve balls that you can’t control. You have to have strength and courage to move forward. We lost two of our children. Our circumstance happened that way. You just learn to be able to go on and live for and care for everyone you still have with you.”

These Old Woman Have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding Flowers Thanks To Their Giving Nature

The royal wedding, one of the most anticipated events in recent years is over! But there’s more good news.

The royal wedding flowers that adorned St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding have been sent to patients at a hospice in London.

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Credit: Pauline Clayton / St Joseph’s Hospice

Announcing the special delivery on Facebook, St. Joseph’s Hospice thanked the newlyweds for their generous donation alongside a photo of a patient posing with her bouquet.

“Today we got a very special delivery,” the hospice wrote on Facebook. “Beautiful bouquets made from the #royalwedding flowers which we gave to our patients. A big thank you to Harry and Meghan and florist Philippa Craddock. Our hospice smells and looks gorgeous. Such a lovely gesture.”

According to Nigel Harding, chief executive of the hospice, the patients were “both surprised and delighted to receive them.”

He found his birth mother after 40 years, and what he discovered made everything that extra bit better!

After suffering a heart attack in 2005, US Air Force Col. Bruce Hollywood decided he finally wanted to meet his Japanese birth mother who gave him up for adoption in 1960.

Hollywood was adopted by an American couple who were stationed in Japan with the U.S. military and who could offer him a good life in America.

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Credit: Bruce Hollywood / The Washington Post

Though his adoptive parents always encouraged him to meet his birth mother, Hollywood always declined – until the heart attack. Then he began his search, at the age of 44.

He contacted the Japanese Embassy, the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, and even hired a private investigator but no one could find her. Months later, the Japanese Embassy called Hollywood back with good news: they had found his mother, Nobue Ouchi.

That same day, Hollywood spoke to his mother on the phone for the first time, with the help of an interpreter.

“And [the interpreter] said, ‘Well, tomorrow is your mother’s 65th birthday, and the birthday present that she dreamed of her whole life is that you would come back to her’,” Hollywood, 57, told The Washington Post.

She told him his mother never married, “because she said in her heart there was only room for one man. And it was you, and she knew you would be back.”

His mother also ran her own business, a restaurant she named “Bruce”. Before leaving Japan, Hollywood’s adoptive parents gave Ouchi a baby photo of him and told her they named him Bruce.

“And I thought, ‘This is either the most incredible story I’ve ever heard or this woman is crazy, and these things aren’t true’,” Hollywood recalled.

Ten days later, Hollywood flew to Japan to meet his birth mother in person.

It was all true.

She told him the story he never knew about his adoption. The American military man who was his birth father never finished the paperwork to marry Ouchi and was sent home to South Carolina. He did not know she was pregnant.

Hollywood and his mother continued a close friendship for three years, both flying back and forth to Washington and Japan, until Ouchi passed away in 2009.

5 great things happened in May 2018, and we bet you haven’t heard them

A new month has started and its name is May. Named after a Greek Goddess, May is associated with love and success.

In the Northern Hemisphere, May falls within springtime. However, in the Southern Hemisphere, May falls in Autumn. In the past, many great things have happened in the month of May. On May 1st , 1931 The Empire State Building was officially opened in New York City. Alan Shephard became the first man in space on May 5th,1961.

Many holidays around the world are also celebrated in May. Celebrating the achievements of workers, Labour Day falls on May 1st. Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo is observed annually on May 5th. Lastly, across the world, Star Wars fans celebrate the popular movie franchise on May 4th.

Each year plenty of good things continue to happen in May. Here’s our list of 5 great things happening in May 2018.

1. A whale of a time!

Credit: Savethewhales

In the Southern Hemisphere, the month of May is also welcomed. Falling in autumn, May is last month before winter hits in June. In countries like Australia temperatures can still be above 20 degrees. Making their autumn-winter period a little easier.

What makes May really special for the Southern Hemisphere is Whales. Every year whales migrate north for the winter, passing Australia. This provides plenty of whale watching opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. Splashing off around New South Wales in May. However, trying to swim alongside these beautiful creatures is not recommended.

2. The end of Coffee-gate!

Credit: TheGuardian

Thankfully, May marked the end of a real low point in coffee history. Both men caught up in coffee-gate reached a settlement with Starbucks. Pocketing just $1 dollar each and $200,000 for young entrepreneurs.

Quick recap: In April two innocent black men were arrested in a Starbucks. Their crime? Just being in Starbucks. The arrests of the two men led to what is now called coffee-gate. During this time the coffee giants faced a PR crisis in stores and on social media. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson had to face both the press and the two men. In an interview Johnson said the arrests “Should not have happened”.

With coffee-gate behind us, we’re all free to enjoy Starbucks coffee once more.

3. Man wins lottery at the best time!

Photo Courtesy of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Never has a lottery win touched our hearts more than Ping Kuen Shum’s. Vancouver resident Mr.Ping won $2 million CAD on the lottery. This follows other significant lottery wins by fellow Canadians.

In their coverage of the story Canadian online casino site, said “It’s been a great year for Canadian lotteries in general so far. One Canadian teen won $1000 every week for life in March, and 31 workers hit the jackpot in February. Looks like the wins keep rolling in – especially for Ping Kuen Shum. Could it be a lucky streak for the whole of Canada?”

After a lifetime of hard work, we feel that this win is well and truly deserved. Mr Ping can certainly look forward to a comfortable retirement.

4. Rhinos are returning.

Credit: Chad Rhinos

First we had march of the penguins, now in 2018 we have return of the rhinos. While not yet a blockbuster movie, it is world news. Black rhinos have successfully been reintroduced to Chad. It is hoped the move of 6 rhinos will help save the species.

Previously in Chad, Black Rhinos had been hunted to near extinction. Flying over 3,000 miles from South Africa, these rhinos are truly outstanding.

“It is a mark of the strength of our partnership with African Parks and the transformation of Zakouma into a secure sanctuary that we are now able to bring rhinos back to Chad where they will receive enduring protection,” said Chad’s ambassador to South Africa Sagour Youssouf Mahamat Itno.

5. The most popularised wedding of the year!

Credit: Windsor Castle Photography

Can you hear the wedding bells? Almost!

On May 19th 2018 the world will watch Prince Harry will wed Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle. Billions of people are due to watch the royal wedding unfold. A modern fairy tale bad boy Prince Harry weds American darling. We approve!

Although not everyone is swept up in the monarchy, royal weddings are a special occasion. With less than a week to go, it’s time to prepare yourself. Brushing up on one’s etiquette and royal wave is highly recommended.

Young Boy Falls Down Roadside Drain, How Passersby Get Him Out And Save His Life Is Astonishing

An 11-year-old boy from Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province, was trying to bring an umbrella to his family when he accidentally fell into a fast-flowing roadside drain.

Motorists who saw the boy fall in stopped their cars in the middle of the road and rushed to his rescue in the pouring rain.

Sprinting down the road, they finally caught up to the boy and pulled him out of the drain.

The security camerage footage was posted by

See the video below!