This dog stole the show unexpectedly at a wedding and it’s great

Angie Blumberg and Jayce Conway got married in Big Sky, Montana last weekend, but their dog stole the show and the couple’s wedding photographer captured the priceless moment.

Credit: Good Road Co / twitter and Instagram (@goodroadco)

Angie told Fox 8 News that the photo was snapped during the opening prayer, when six-year-old Boone decided to roll around on the ground in front of them.

“He’s a really well-trained dog,” Jayce told TODAY. “I planned for him to stand between me and my brother.”

But when Boone saw Angie, he couldn’t contain his excitement…

This isn’t the only time dogs have been known to steal the show though!

Earlier this year at an ice hockey game in Canada, the camera zoomed to this dog for just a few seconds, but it was enough to send the internet and the whole stadium crazy!

Credit: KTBS

Or the time during a world tennis match in Brazil when they introduced ball dogs rather than ball boys, and everyone loved it!

Credit: Sports News Magazine
Credit: Sports News Magazine

Dogs manage to steal the spotlight every year at comic con, too…

Credit: Vice
Credit: Vice

And who can forget when Steven Tyler brought his dogs along to an interview with him?!

This dog can ride a horse. He can even jump!

In perhaps one of the least expected friendships in the animal kingdom, this Jack Russell is probably the only dog in the world who can not only ride a horse, not only bareback, but also without a bridle!

Meet Dally and Spanky, one of the cutest animal friendships we’ve seen!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

Spanky is a 10 year old miniature rescue horse, and his best friend is 9 year old jack russell Dally! They’ve been friends for several years at their ranch in Spokane, Washington.

One day, simply out of curiosity, their owner Francesca Carson decided to see what would happen if she put Dally on Spanky’s back, and the response from both of the duo was incredible.

Something she never expected to happen, happened.

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

The pair begun to walk, run, and jump together. Dally was really riding Spanky!

“It’s really special to see the trust they have between each other – it’s remarkable for a horse to allow a dog to jump on him whenever he wants,” she said.

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

The famous duo now have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, and 20,000 fans on Facebook!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

Owner Francesca travels the country, teaching people how to create and maintain positive relationships with their horses.

She now also does charity events and shows with Dally and Spanky!

Credit: Facebook / Dally and Spanky

“It helps kids understand horses and dogs and promotes rescuing animals that are unwanted,” she added.

Check out the glorious video below!

This giant party was held for the 150th anniversary of the Golden Retriever breed and the pictures are glorious

The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland held, what they called a “Guisachan Golden Gathering”  (how very posh!), to celebrate the founding of the Golden Retriever breed 150 years ago!

The breed is believed to have first been created at the Guisachan House in Scotland in 1868, after a breeding experiment by ‘Lord Tweedmouth’. Yes really. According to the friends of the Guisachan house, the breed begun by mix-breeding a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Wavy Coated Retriever.

Last Thursday, over 350 golden retrievers and their families gathered in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the special anniversary.

Credit: golden_chewbacca / Instagram

Golden retrievers are make very good police and hunting helpers, as well as rescuers. This is because they have a very high tolerance to pain and can tolerate injuries other breeds couldn’t.

At the event, the excited puppers were counted one by one, going through a human tunnel.

A post shared by CHEWY (@golden_chewbacca) on

Retrievers thick luxurious fur is thanks to the dual-layers. The inner layer is to keep warm, whilst the outer layer is waterproof!

“Waiting for their grandma to drop some food – one of my fave pics from yesterday,” said Ashleigh Baird on Instagram, who runs the golden_chewbacca account.

Credit: golden_chewbacca / Instagram

“Had a wonderful day yesterday and met so many people from all over the world with their beautiful goldens!” another guest at the party, Katherine Macfarlane, wrote on Facebook.

Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook
Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook
Credit: Katherine Macfarlane / Facebook

For this lucky boy, it was a very special day! Not only did he win best veteran in show, he also won best in show.

Credit: Bill Reyna / Facebook

We love how happy they all look, and how much they are clearly enjoying the day.

“The celebrations are over but what a party it has been,” Jean Griggs added. “Sincere thanks to the committee for making this whole experience possible and thanks also to so many people from far and wide for being such fun. I think we all did our beautiful breed and their ancestral home proud; the house and its ghosts can now return to normal …. until we meet again.”

Credit: Jean Griggs / Facebook

You won’t believe what these dogs are made out of and how they’re made!

We are used to seeing the most fascinating things on Instagram.

From the world’s most expensive watch, to James Francos weird semi-naked photos (yes we still remember those), to girls who can contour their faces to make them look like Angelina Jolie.

But today we have something much more bizarre, cute, and unusual for you to feast your eyes upon!

World’s most expensive watch – Credit: 1lanascolaro / instagram

For starters, take a look at this cute family of pug puppies! Aren’t they adorable?

Well, things aren’t as they seem!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

These incredible animal sculptures are edible.

They’re made from ice cream!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

We simply can’t get over how incredible the detail is!

And you might be surprised by the price.

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

The glorious photos were shared by the Reddit user ‘Penguin4466’ who said the dessert cost justs 250nt, which is no more than 8 dollars!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

“I’d eat it, but I’d cry while doing so,” joked one user.

“This is the coolest and most horrifying thing ever,” added another.

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

The restaurant, named J.C. Co, is an Italian/European eatery, but they also specialise in ice cream… as you can tell!

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

Here’s the proof that it is really mad of just ice cream!


Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

When asked to comment on the making process, the restaurant remained humble, simply stating ‘it’s just ice cream, made like all ice cream!’.

How these sheep got into someone’s house is unbelievable

Sometimes when you think you’re doing someone a favour and helping them, you’re actually just making the situation worse…

Take Rocky, the sheepdog-in-training, for example. At just seven month’s old, he took the honour of herding a flock of sheep to his owner’s farm whilst she was in the kitchen.

It gets better.

Credit: Fortitude Press

They weren’t even their sheep!

And rather than herding them into their pen at the farm, Rocky got them all into the house!

The owner left the kitchen only to find an entire flock chilling in the hallways of the house.

Credit: METRO

Upon being in an unfamiliar situation, unluckily for the farm owner, Rosalyn Edwards, the nine sheepish sheep begun peeing and pooping on the floor.

The 40 year old from Devon said:

‘I thought it was funny at the time, but then there was quite a lot of wee, poo and mud everywhere.

‘It took me a little while to clean it all up.

‘My son and husband had gone out into the field, and the gate was left open. Rocky got them out and led them to the house.

‘I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. I turned around and the sheep were just standing there.

‘There were about nine of them.

‘I took the children into another room and then tried to guide the sheep out. They went right around from the kitchen and left again through the porch.’

Credit: Fortitude Press

In the video below, Rosalyn, who runs a small farm along with her husband Andrew, you can hear her trying to shoo the sheep to get them on the move.

She said the flock shuffled through their house, trampling dirt wherever they went. 

Only after they’d had a good look around, Rosalyn said they finally left through the porch at the entrance to their house!

She claims to have seen the funny side of her eager-to-learn sheepdog’s efforts, despite the chaos caused!

She added, Rocky did look quite pleased with himself, but he’s going to need more training.


‘He brought a whole new meaning to “bringing the sheep home”.

‘This is the first time he’s done something like this. He’s been out with the sheep before but this time the gate was open.

This guy made a Tinder profile… for his malamute! The resulting conversations are HILARIOUS

Meet Phil, an Alaskan Malamute, who has built up quite the following online over the past couple of years! With over 350,000 Instagram followers watching his every move, we have seen a lot of progress in his owner’s lives through him.

This is Phil.

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

When the dog’s owners got married, they made Phil best man, and their other malamute the maid of honour, it was too cute!

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

As you can tell, neither of them are afraid of the camera!

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

They even made it onto the cake as figurines.

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

But now, it’s Phil’s turn to find love, and his owner’s have created the best Tinder page we’ve ever seen!

In his photo, Phil looks dapper all made up in his tie and collar. He’s searching within Los Angeles, as well as Boston, so hopefully he manages to ‘fetch’ the perfect companion.

Credit: lifewithmalamutesLet’s count down the funniest conversations people had with ‘Phil’ on Tinder, they’re amazing:


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes
Credit: lifewithmalamutes

He Was Heartbroken After His Dog Died, Then He Met Sammi The Chicken

Most chickens don’t like water. But then again most chickens aren’t pets. Sammi is unique, a one of a kind chicken!

Dave Cox and his pet chicken Sammi are the best of friends, they take road trips every weekend and document this on Instagram!

But it’s a heartbreaking, yet heartwarming, story.

Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

If you follow the unusual duo on Instagram, you will see photos of all the trips they go on all across the United States. They’ve been to New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston, Vegas, and more!

Her favourite place to visit however.. is the beach.

“She would swim out and circle me,” said Cox. “She was totally chill. She just kind of took to it.”

Sometimes Cox also shares videos! Including many of him and Sammi taking a morning swim in Tampa, Florida.

When Cox met Sammi, it wasn’t long after he had lost his best friend of 17 years. A blue heeler dog named Cort. Upon his dog dying, Cox became depressed and didn’t think he would ever have that type of bond with an animal again.

“I never thought I would feel about a chicken the way you would your dog,” Cox said.

Credit: @sammichicken / Instagram

Cox takes Sammi the chicken absolutely everywhere along with him, even every day things like shopping at the supermarket.

“I just enjoy having her with me,” he said. “I love this little girl.”

“She’s just the sweetest thing.”

How one person’s dog unexpectedly got them a job!

Friday night’s are usually a time for relaxing and winding down from a busy week, but for one person, their dog would do something that would make them remember that Friday forever!

The post was shared on Tumblr and went viral as people fell in love with the heartwarming story.

Written by gallusrostromegalus:

Ok, so friday night is Fiance’s D&D night, and since I’m bushed by the end of the week, so I usually go get a pizza and spend the night watching murder mysteries and writing trashy fiction with Charlie.

This is Charlie:


So last month I take him with me to get pizza, and for funsies, we walk around the shopping center and pass by this specialty butcher/fishmonger place. I stuck my head in the door to see what they had becuase you don’t bring your dog into places without permission.

“Hi! I just wanted to see what you have on offer her-”

“OH MY GOD CAN I GIVE YOUR DOG A BONE?”  Yells the lady inside.  We come in and suddenly my little brat is The World’s Most Perfect Angel ™ because there is steak on offer and does his best doe-eyed begging at her and the rest of the staff and was all around very charming.  He got a beef bone (raw, which is safe for dogs as long as they’re supervised whilst chewing and you toss it if it starts to get gross, I asked the vet) and fussed over and all in all it was a very good time.


Friday, I go back for my semi-weekly pizza, pop in to say Hi, and the nice lady that runs the shop asks “WHERE’S CHARLIE?” and I explain that he’s staying with my parents for finals, we talk about her dog, we talk about school, we talk about the crap job market and I mention that I had a passing knowledge of butchering technique and still had my food handler’s permit.

“Look, my apprentice is leaving in February.”  She says. “If you get your permit re-upped by then you can have his job.  But you also have to bring Charlie.”


So, uh… Yeah, starting next week I have an apprentice butchering job? Because my dog is cute?

The story behind this picture will warm your heart and remind you how magical animals are

Animals go through tough times as well as humans, and it may be tough for them to get help, but this story shows that magic really can happen in the animal kingdom.

Bonnie was only 4-months old when she fled into the woods. When news of her disappearance spread around the upstate New York town where she lived, its residents quickly became divided between those who wanted to save her and those who wanted to hunt her.

The scared calf escaped after she had just seen her family and herd-mates get rounded up for slaughter.

Aside from a few quick glimpses, the “babe in the woods” remained hidden.

That is, until hunters started picking her up on wildlife cameras. And what they saw truly amazed them.

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Shockingly, Bonnie had been taken in by a herd of deer!

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

“Since she had lost her first family (and cattle are herd animals), the deer helped Bonnie survive and accepted her as their own — eating, sleeping and running together!” Meredith Turner-Smith, media relations specialist for Farm Sanctuary, told The Dodo. “Like a deer, this ‘bovine Bambi’ would disappear into the forest whenever people appeared.”

Credit: Farm Sanctuary

It ended up taking multiple attempts for rescuers to finally get Bonnie to come to the sanctuary.

Now, she is surrounded by caring humans and rescued cattle just like her.

Check out the video below!

You’ve seen the meme, but the story behind it is even better

It’s funny how much animals can change your mind, your day, or even your life! One man found that out in the most heartwarming way, and the cuteness ended up going viral in a meme.

“I don’t want a dog.”

“Im not a cat person. I hate cats!”

Why people fight it I’ll never understand. The animal always wins!

Vinicius Carleto’s 65-year-old father told him “I don’t want a dog in the house” after he suggested they rescue a dog from a local shelter.

But once Carleto got mom on board, his father conceded.

“He accepted Pitoco, but didn’t think much of him,” Carleto told The Dodo.

Just three months after they adopted little Pitoco, Carleto snapped this photo of his father and the dog wearing matching shirts.

Credit: Vinicius Carleto / The Dodo

Carleto said his father used to be stressed all the time and acted like a “grumpy old man.” But that all changed when Pitoco arrived.

“It seems dogs understand how we are feeling,” Carleto added. “And their companionship allows us to escape the daily stresses of life. That’s a very important thing.”

Here’s Some Similar Stories…

“I wanted a cat. My ‘not a cat person’ boyfriend did not. We got one because it would make me happy. Guess whose cat she is.”

Credit: The Dodo / Reddit

“After my dad said ‘she’s not allowed on the couch’.”

Credit: The Dodo / Reddit

“My dad said he didn’t want a dog.”

Credit: The Dodo / Reddit

“My dad would never admit how much he loves our old dog. But after finding this picture on his phone, he doesn’t have to.”

Credit: The Dodo / Reddit

“No. I don’t want to hold a kitten.”

Credit: The Dodo / Reddit