Cat Comforts Anxious Dog While Owners Are Away


Joule is a nervous dog who suffers from anxiety when left alone. So with both her owners at work during the day, they set up cameras to see how she was coping when they were out of the house.

To their surprise, their cat Kelvin came to the rescue, cuddling into Joules on the sofa, licking her face and calming her down.

Explaining more about the unusual friendship, their owner said: “I originally had all the cameras up high so I could see the whole room, and I noticed that Joule and Kelvin were on the couch together.

“So I moved the camera to point directly at the couch, and realized that they weren’t just on the couch together, but they were snuggling.”

One thing is for sure: when battling anxiety, the support of a friend can be a powerful tool to reassure you that everything will be okay.

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Leke Babalola