This brilliant company will set up beehives in your living room, and it’s meant to do this


You’ve probably heard of all kinds of companies doing a bunch of different things, but this one is really brilliant. A company named “BEEcosystem” is “reimagining the observation hive,” in other words, they will install a beehive in your house and it has a unique function.

The bee population is in big troubles, it dropped 23% in the winter of 2013 and it keeps decreasing. An innovative company, BEEcosystem, is trying to fight the depopulation of bees by installing observational beehives in your household. A lot of people are indeed, afraid of bees. The main reasoning behind this is that they can sting you, pretty hard.

Bees at work


The system


The company will create a wall-mounted observation hive in your room of choice, preferably the living room.

Outdoors beehive




Their goal is to reconnect us with the nature of food systems, “BEEcosystem is more than just an observation hive product—we’re working to build a community, a “hive mind” of beekeepers who can support one another through sharing industry best-practices and educational outreach strategies,” the company says.

“BEEcosystem is an observation honeybee hive designed to make pollinator education more accessible, as well as marketable within agritourism and ecotourism industries. Indoor/outdoor wall-mountable and modular, it grows along with your colony inside.”

The design

“From our design perspective, we wanted to create a hive that intentionally provokes meaningful conversations about honeybees. In deliberately differing BEEcosystem from existing styles of beehives, we celebrate a fusion of old and new ideas in apiculture: an emergent hive form, with a familiar top bar functionality.”

Safety first

Their beehive system has an inbuilt tubing that can fit through any window in your house, the tube serves as an entrance and exit for the bees.

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