Briana DeJesus reveals the name she picked for her baby #3 and it’s super cute

Briana DeJesus is not one of the original Teen Mom girls but she already amassed a huge fan base. The “OG” a.k.a the Original Girls were skeptical about Briana joining the likes of their team. “I’m not commenting on it at all,” Jenelle said in an interview when asked if Briana will be joining them. “MTV wanted me to film about it and I even told them no. Same with the rest of the girls,” Evans said.


Somehow, the girls managed to get it going and even became “besties” afterward. “She was the only one who wasn’t acting like her shit ain’t stink [sic] LOL so to me that’s real [as f–],” Briana said after the Teen Mom reunion in LA.


“Plus she was the only one who wasn’t acting fake and choosing sides like high schoolers,” she added.

“Whatever Jenelle has going on in her personal life has nothing to do with me. I will never judge her off of a tv show, she has never done anything shady to me for me not to like her so she’s cool people alongside David, they welcomed me with open arms,” DeJesus said of the couple.

Baby #3

At the peak of Briana’s relationship with Javi, fans started speculating that the two might be having a baby soon, but it didn’t work out as planned. Javi and Briana ended their relationship early into 2018 and are not “soulmates” anymore.


Despite the fact that she’s single at the moment, Briana hinted at a new baby name, meant for her baby #3. “Stormi is such a cute name, now I don’t feel bad for naming my next baby whimsy 💗😭” Briana said, referring to the name of Kylie Jenner’s baby.

TM2 career

Previously, Briana was a member of the Teen Mom 3 franchise, but now she’s moving on. Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: OG are MTV’s highest-rated family shows and it’s for a reason. They managed to keep the original crew in sight and even added Briana in the mix. As previously stated by a magazine, DeJesus stands to make around $20,000 for her debut season on Teen Mom 2. Her paycheck is considerably smaller compared to the likes of Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry, but it will go up as new seasons approach.