Briana DeJesus gets slammed for naming her daughers ‘Star’


Briana’s road to stardom wasn’t easy by any means, she’s a single mother of 2 and just recently got accepted into the Teen Mom 2 crew. Her previous relationships didn’t work out quite well but this mom isn’t giving up!


Briana recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday and fans realized something.

Happy 1st birthday baby!

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Both Stella and Nova have ‘Star’ as their middle name.

“Feminine nominative singular of Latin novus (‘new’)” in translation, both of their names have the same meaning.


“I know shes the queen here or whatever but Chelsea has named her kids the worst names. Aubree Sky sounds like such a young name, i cant picture someone with that name being a judge or professor. Watson is not any better. I predict an equally cheezy name for #3” one fan said of the naming.

“Most of the kids on this show have awful names with bad spellings. I think Isaac, Stella and Sophia have the most tasteful names of the bunch. Nova is a terrible namex in my opinion as is Watson, Aliana, Remington Monroe and Lux,” the fans continue.

“What makes Nova’s name even worse is her middle name: Reign. Her full name, as pointed out multiple times, sounds like NuvaRing. What’s even worse is that Tyler realized this, too, but he and Cate didn’t stop to think, “Maybe we should reconsider.” Nova Reign is just an awful name on so many levels, in my opinion.”

“However, they almost never call her Novalee—it’s always Nova. I also think believe they didn’t intend to name her Novalee. It wasn’t until Briana implied they were copying her daughter’s name that C&T were suddenly naming their daughter Novalee and not plain Nova.

Still, it doesn’t really matter lol. Whether her name is Novalee Reign or just Nova Reign, Cate and Ty saddled their daughter with a truly awful name.”

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