Google presents undeniable proof that earth is round & Flat earthers are flipping out

Google just updated its Maps platform and it now hosts an undeniable proof that earth is round. Flat vs Round earth is an ongoing debate and probably isn’t going to stop after this, after all, there are tons of people who will never believe things like these.


Some deem the flat earth theory as “Conspiracy theory that has no real basis in fact and is just a giant prank on everyone who is sensitive and has a tendency to panic when faced with information they dont like. Some people claim to take it seriously, but they cant hide the troll face as they say it.” – Urban Dictionary.

While some believe it’s as real as it gets.

Google’s view of the earth

Nevertheless, Google recently weighed in on the shape of the earth by implementing a new function to Google Maps.

“With 3D Globe Mode on Google Maps desktop, Greenland’s projection is no longer the size of Africa.

Just zoom all the way out…”

People were hoping this would finally put an end to the numerous debates, but it doesn’t seem like the case.

“*cough* you mean the world isn’t flat? Joking 😀 Awesome update. Hope the competition can emulate this,” someone tweeted out.

An excellent comeback, +1 for team Flat earth

The flat-earthers of Reddit have come up with a creative way to debunk Google’s new update.

“Everything is flat on a screen, because the screen is flat. Try inventing a 3D monitor first, better luck next time globehead,” one user said. – “Dammit you flat Earthers are always ruining my fun,” someone replied.

Men challenged to answer what makes them feel so manly, Here’s The Responses

Men, just like women, can be challenged in a lot of creative ways. In the age of the internet, challenges can go viral in a matter of minutes, as it always happens.


Even Superman isn’t immune to a good challenge. Some of the most popular ones are: “The Running Man Challenge,” “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” “Mannequin Challenge,” “Tide pod challenge,” and so on…

While the ASL bucket challenge was super-productive and ended up raising well over $100 million, some of the challenges are blatantly ridiculous and stupid, such as the “Tide pod” challenge.

In the last month of 2017, the tide pod meme was popularized by the use of social media channels and it quickly went viral.


After realizing the potential danger of millennials consuming the tide pods, the company that produces them partnered with New England Patriots to spread out this message: “What the heck is going on, people? Use Tide Pods for washing. Not eating. Do not eat.”

Disclaimer: the girl in the featured image was used for illustrative purposes only, as the question was asked by a female user of Reddit.

“Men of reddit, what makes you feel manly?”


Men can often be lead by their pride and ego, but they really opened up when it comes to their ‘manliness.’

So cute!

“Carrying my sister’s kids (two nephews and a niece) around. They always ask me to pick them up whenever I see them, so I started lifting weights a couple years ago just so that I could continue doing it as they got bigger.

It worked out as I intended, I got a lot stronger and now the boys are nine years old and I can still carry one of them under each arm. They love it since their mother can’t pick them up anymore, and their happiness makes me feel good too.”

Come feel the power!

“Opening a jar that no one else was able to open. Fuck yeah,” one user wrote.


“Hanging a towel off of my erection after a shower.”

So romantic!

“I LOVE the look my girlfriend gives me when I do something romantic for her, or right before/after we’re in bed. It’s this adoring look where she really admires who I am and how happy I make her. It makes me feel like the manliest man in the world, because in that brief moment, I am the complete and total focus of her attention and interest. It doesn’t matter that there are a lot of taller, more successful, or better looking men out there because right there and then, in her eyes, I am victorious.”

The feels!

“Having your girlfriend sleeping with her head on your chest and your arm around her, best manly feeling in the world for me.”


“Taking care of my family.

Doing my job well, cooking, fixing crap around the house, making love with my wife and having great times with the kids.”


“Building meaningful things.

I recently built a koi/garden pond in my yard. It began as a chunk of earth, just a barren section of my yard. Now it is its own little ecosystem. I put in the rocks, the water, the plants, the koi, and I maintain the processes that keep them healthy and happy. Then all the other stuff happened. Bullfrogs came in during springtime and croaked at night and put me to sleep. They mated and my pond spawned thousands of tadpoles. The fish ate many, but some grew into frogs and eventually left the pond. Now they are in all areas of my yard. Then my koi mated. I named them all. I got attached. One day a heron came and ate several of them. I was very upset. Then plants I didnt put in the pond started to grow-even lilies. Chipmunks built dens under the rock shelves around the pond and had chipmunk babies. The heron returned, and I slew him.”

Last but not least

“Wearing pink shirts,” someone admitted.

Husband uncomfortable with wife taking a picture alone with Jason Momoa gets the best surprise

Jason Momoa is very hard at work, preparing for the next installment in the DC movie universe. When he’s not filming, he tends to take cool photos with his fans as the one you’ll see below.


Aquaman is reportedly well undergo filming and it’s expected to release in December, later this year. Momoa recently confirmed that there would be no cameo appearances from other major DC characters,

“I think it would cost a lot of money, probably. I don’t think we got it in the budget. But, I think it would be great. At some point, I’m pretty sure, y’know, if this does well and if that does well…Probably, the same thing that happened with Marvel, you know what I mean?”

Husband vs Jason Momoa

A female fan was pleased to meet Jason Momoa at the annual Denver Comic Coon, but her husband had something else in mind.

“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”


The end result turned out to be an absolute masterpiece when it comes to selfies with celebs.

The reactions

“He just wanted Jason Momoa to touch his face. Checkmate.”

“I never understand how people get these cool posed pics. I’ve done 3 of these celeb photo ops at Comicons and every time the Line Nazis basically shoved us through at light speed to where the picture was being snapped practically the second you said hi let alone stopped to plan out a specific pose.”

At the end, even the husband was pleased with the photo, “He was all about it. When he saw the print-out to sign it,” he said, “This is fucking amazing.”


Kailyn Lowry gets slammed for giving her son Lux a beer

Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third son, Lux Russel, in August 2017. “Lux Russell, 08/05/17 ???? 7 lbs 15 oz, 19 3/4” born at 3 am on the dot. It only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official ????”


Lowry is currently co-parenting Lux with his biological father, Chris Lopez. She definitely admitted to taking her time with the naming of Lux, “it only took us 7 weeks to decide a name and 8 weeks to make it official…” Kailyn admits.


“I finally decided on a name because it felt like I was going nowhere with Chris trying to decide, Lux is different but not completely off-the-wall,” she admits.

Not done yet


Even though she already had 3 boys, Kailyn isn’t ready to give up, just yet. “I want one more,” Lowry confirmed while chatting with her fellow co-star, Chelsea Houska.

“I think we should make a pact that you and Cole and I’ll go to the sperm bank and we’ll all get pregnant together at the same time,” she joked on her podcast.

A source close to Kailyn revealed that “If Kailyn were to meet the right guy and he wanted children of his own with her, then yeah, you can bet she would have more.”

The problematic picture


“Ma young boy,” Lowry captioned this ‘problematic’ picture, according to the many of fans.

“I know it’s unopened but why do people think it’s cute to make babies/children pose with alcohol like this? I don’t get it,” one fan wrote.

“This is in poor taste. Maybe Kail’s baby daddy’s have been the glue that keeps her parenting shit together this entire time,” a fan pointed out.

“Am I the only one more concerned with that baby cutting up his gums if he tries to gnaw on that bottle cap than the fact that it’s beer?”

Others considered it fairly normal, saying things like “I’m surprised by all the pearl-clutching. It’s just a goofy candid pic. Considering how substance abuse doesn’t seem to be an issue with Lux’s parents, I don’t see what the big deal is…”

Teen Mom couple gets secretly engaged way sooner than expected and it could mean something

The ‘Teen Mom’ engagement season is back on! After a successful 2017, MTV renewed Teen Mom 2 for season 9. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 8 years and counting, but the Teen Moms show is still going strong!


A new start

The Ashley broke the news of the new Teen Mom season renewal weeks ago, claiming that “Teen Mom 2 isn’t going anywhere.” And boy, she was right.

“MTV isn’t about to get rid of the show, especially now with shows like Jersey Shore Family Vacation doing so well,” the source revealed to The Ashley.

As for the troubled Jennelle Evans, “Jenelle is only negotiating through her lawyer. Some of the executive producers have been on the phone [with the lawyer] for the last few days, trying to negotiate,” the source said. “Basically, Jenelle wants David included in filming, and if that’s not possible, she wants him to be allowed to be around while she’s filming, She doesn’t care if he isn’t shown on-camera or paid. She told [the producer] that if she is filming at their home, she is not going to make David leave.” – The Ashley.

“She also wants him to be able to attend Reunions and other filming events with her–even if he doesn’t go on camera– and for MTV to pay for his travel,” the source added.

Javi & Lauren, secret engagement?


Javi Marroquin began dating Lauren just months after moving on from his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry. At the time, Javi hinted it was a long-distance relationship and that they’re still trying to work things out.

“We met at one of our best friend’s weddings, she was the maid of honor. Although our relationship is fairly new, it doesn’t feel that way.” Marroquin revealed to Radar Online at the time.

“This one feels right, we decided we’d give it a try officially at the wedding this past weekend,” he added.


Before deciding to get back together, Javi & Lauren share one unsuccessful attempt at the relationship. “I love Lauren, but unfortunately it didn’t work out,” he said. “Dating someone on a TV show is tough. I think Lauren had a hard time adjusting to that and I had a hard time understanding that,” Javi continued.

“It was a lot for her and we couldn’t fix it,” he added.

Making it work


Needless to say, the couple is now doing fairly well and expecting a baby soon! The fans and media are speculating whether it’s going to be a boy or a girl, and a boy seems more likely at the moment.


Lauren hinted that she might be joining the Marroquin clan soon. The fans noticed Lauren has letters L and M stacked together, which could possibly be a hint at her upcoming wedding, Lauren Marroquin?

Marroquin confirmed to Radar, “She’s officially moved into my house. We got a new place and we’ll be moving there in two weeks.”

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra celebrate Farrah’s departure from Teen Mom in a special way

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are considered to be the OG’s of Teen Mom, after all, their show is named Teen Mom: OG. The ‘OG’ actually represents what you think it does, the original girls.


Farrah Abraham is no longer a part of the Teen Mom franchise, the decision wasn’t easy on MTV’s behalf but they had to let go. Abraham’s behavior was excessive and unforgivable.

“We respect Farrah’s decision to pursue other endeavors and we wish her the best,” Viacom’s statement read. Before quitting the show completely, MTV aired a special ‘sitdown’ episode, showcasing Farrah’s battle with the producers.


“We want to look at how people are treated. For example, Kristin — who we all love, who we think is doing a great job — isn’t here today. You don’t snap your fingers and say ‘new producer’ and we fly one in. I think some compassion and understanding. Everybody is working,” Morgan Freeman said.

“I am so compassionate. I am so understanding, I am working my ass of just like everyone,” Farrah interrupts. “I respect a lot of people who respect me … I mean, you’re doing other Teen Moms, she can just go bounce around and annoy the s—t out of everybody else,” Farrah replied.

“Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things — all that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that, regardless if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore,” Farrah confirmed her position on the future.

After everything settled down, Farrah released a final statement:

Catelynn & Tyler reflect


In a special Teen Mom episode of The Dr. Oz show, Catelynn & Tyler reflected on their colleague getting fired. “I think if it’s going against what MTV believes in and that’s what they feel like they had to do, then that’s what they feel like they have to do,” Catelynn said of the firing.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s awesome. The way she decided to live, her lifestyle, it just doesn’t really mesh with the rest of the cast and what we’re trying to educate [audiences] about, it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work very well together,” Tyler shared his opinion.

“We actually have a lot of respect and admiration for the way that our production company went and handled it. They kind of made a stand with a voice and it was a good way to get it heard,” the couple confirmed.

Briana DeJesus gets slammed for naming her daughers ‘Star’

Briana’s road to stardom wasn’t easy by any means, she’s a single mother of 2 and just recently got accepted into the Teen Mom 2 crew. Her previous relationships didn’t work out quite well but this mom isn’t giving up!


Briana recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday and fans realized something.

Happy 1st birthday baby!

A post shared by Bri Baby???? (@_brianadejesus) on

Both Stella and Nova have ‘Star’ as their middle name.

“Feminine nominative singular of Latin novus (‘new’)” in translation, both of their names have the same meaning.


“I know shes the queen here or whatever but Chelsea has named her kids the worst names. Aubree Sky sounds like such a young name, i cant picture someone with that name being a judge or professor. Watson is not any better. I predict an equally cheezy name for #3” one fan said of the naming.

“Most of the kids on this show have awful names with bad spellings. I think Isaac, Stella and Sophia have the most tasteful names of the bunch. Nova is a terrible namex in my opinion as is Watson, Aliana, Remington Monroe and Lux,” the fans continue.

“What makes Nova’s name even worse is her middle name: Reign. Her full name, as pointed out multiple times, sounds like NuvaRing. What’s even worse is that Tyler realized this, too, but he and Cate didn’t stop to think, “Maybe we should reconsider.” Nova Reign is just an awful name on so many levels, in my opinion.”

“However, they almost never call her Novalee—it’s always Nova. I also think believe they didn’t intend to name her Novalee. It wasn’t until Briana implied they were copying her daughter’s name that C&T were suddenly naming their daughter Novalee and not plain Nova.

Still, it doesn’t really matter lol. Whether her name is Novalee Reign or just Nova Reign, Cate and Ty saddled their daughter with a truly awful name.”

Josh Brolin just erased half of the Thanos reddit community with the snap of his fingers

Josh Brolin is at it again! Avengers: Infinity War was a huge success, grossing more than $2 billion at the worldwide box office. The superhero-filled movie had superstars lined up and it has paid off.


The almighty Thanos is hard at work even months after the release. Josh Brolin was a part of a recent Reddit clean-up, where 50% of the users were removed by the mods.

r/thanosdidnothingwrong/ executed the historic ban with the help of Thanos, a.k.a Josh Brolin. Following the announcement of the upcoming ban, thousands of users subscribed to /thanosdidnothingwrong/ in order to test their luck.


“Ready…and…#redditsnap #nakedthanos”

Ready…and…#redditsnap #nakedthanos

A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on

Finally, balance.

The aftermath


“Thanos snapped. The madman actually did it.

We now have enough resources to run the balanced subreddit smoothly, but in this new world, we first need to rebuild,” said the subreddit mods after it was all done.

More than 230,000 souls have been banned from the subreddit and they ended up in a new one, Soul Stone

Josh Brolin wasn’t the only superstar of the event, Infinity War directors also participated in the event. Oddly enough, one of them got banned and one of them survived, guess who?

Anthony Russo ended up in the soul stone while his brother, Joe Russo, survived.


Mixed feelings kicked in within the fans and soon they started asking questions, such as “You got snapped… Now who’s gonna release Avengers 4 now?!”

“His brother, Joe Russo seems to have been spared.” “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” – Reddit.


Effects were pretty strong


Just do it!

Jenelle Evans slams Chelsea Houska for using hair extensions and it backfires

Jenelle Evans seems to be throwing a shade at Chelsea Houska for using and promoting hair extensions. Chelsea Houska has always had lengthy, perfectly distributed hair and she’s keen to share her secrets on Instagram!

“OOOOO PUMPED about my new extensions ???????????? no more clip ins (woo!) ”


The 25-year-old mom revealed the source of her makeup and beauty trick, it’s actually all a part of her job. Chelsea is a licensed esthetician in her hometown in South Dakota. After having baby Watson, Chelsea withheld her license for the day she comes back to work.

“I did till I had watson! I’m gonna stay home with him since we are lucky enough to be able to do that 🙂 but still going to,” she revealed on twitter.

Jenelle strikes again


Jenelle apparently took a stab at Chelsea’s extension routine as she tweeted out: “Only get leave in extensions if you want your hair super thin and falling out after 3-4 months. ????”

The fans quickly caught up on what’s going on and defended Chelsea.

“She really tried to come for Chelsea’s extensions ???? like come on.” one fan said.

“Like her opinion even matters about Chelsea. She could NEVER be half as good as Chelsea even if she tried. Chelsea is living the life. No haters, no abuse, no mug shots. Her husband is wonderful and has a real life JOB! What life goals look like. #teamchelsea” someone tweeted out.

Support for Chelsea

The fans were really on Chelsea’s side this time around.

“When all you can hate on is her hair lol @ChelseaHouska has respect and class. Is an amazing mother. Married an amazing man. While your still a train wreck at almost 30”

“As a licensed hair stylist I can tell you that this is false, but good try. If done correctly they’re the best for your hair. Clip in extensions are the most damaging.”

Chelsea Houska drops a huge name hint for her upcoming baby girl

In case you haven’t been following the Teen Mom show and the girls for a while, a lot of exciting things happened. First off, Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her third child and it couldn’t be more exciting!


Chelsea’s ‘small’ family is about to get a whole lot bigger!

It’s a girl!


Houska posted the update in March 2018 and nobody could hide the excitement! “….GUESS WHAT! A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited! ????”

Pregnancy progress


According to the latest update, Chelsea and the baby are doing just fine and the baby should be arriving soon.

“When will you have the baby?” a fan asked. Chelsea replied with “Sometime in the next 10 weeks!”


The name


Although they’ve been transparent with the pregnancy, the Teen Mom 2 couple have yet to share the chosen name for their upcoming baby girl.

“Did you guys pick a unique name for little girl DeBoer like you did for Watson?” a fan tweeted out to Chelsea. She replied with “I don’t think it’s really ‘unique’!” “I’ve definitely seen/heard it before on boys and girls!” Houska tweeted out.

A gossip website supposedly leaked out the name but it was all false information. “Lol!… [Definitely] not the real name and also not my middle name! I don’t know why people do that hahaha,” Chelsea confirmed.

Fans speculated on the name for a while and they all agree that it must be something unique. “She said on Kail’s podcast she hates when people name their kids all the same letters or names that go all together, so I doubt she would be using another W name.” User wrote, “I doubt she is going to reveal before the birth,” one fan wrote.

About a year ago, after I had my son. I wasn’t feeling great about myself and wasn’t feeling like myself in general. I decided to sign up for @profile_sanford #ad and make a lifestyle change. Before I knew it, I was where I wanted to be AND feeling great. When I got pregnant again, I was so glad to learn that they also offer a program during pregnancy, with a goal of achieving a healthy pregnancy with the healthy weight gain that you need. My doctor has been so glad to hear that I’ve been following their plan and making it a priority to take care of myself. After getting tons of questions about what I did, I’m so excited to be able to team up with Profile to share with you guys. ???????? To see how you can start your lifestyle change (plus my followers get HALF off a membership!!) AND to read about my own journey on profile…check out the link in my bio!! ????

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