This Survival Story From A Woman Who Went Missing Is Incredible

This is the story of Angela Hernandez. A woman who went missing and everyone feared the worst during her week gone.

Angela was in her car driving to Southern California from Oregon when she saw an animal suddenly walk into the road.

She swerved, ending up going off the road and falling around 250 feet near Big Sur, California.

Here is the incredible story that she shared with Facebook about what she did to survive, miraculously.

Credit: Angela Hernandez

“After I woke up I was still in my car and I could feel water rising over my knees.

Every window was closed. I took off my seatbelt and found a multi-tool I kept near my front seat. I started hitting the driver-side window with it.

Every bone in my body hurt. The only thing racing through my mind was my sister, Isabel. So I started screaming her name.

Eventually, I was able to break out of my car and jump into the ocean. I swam to the shore and fell asleep for an unknown amount of time.

When I woke up, it was still daylight and it was only then that I had finally realized what had happened.

I stood up onto my feet and noticed a huge pain in my shoulders, hips, back, and thighs.

I saw nothing but rocks, the ocean, and a cliff that I knew I’d never be able to look over.

I looked down at my feet and saw that my shoes were gone.”

Credit: Angela Hernandez

“The next few days kind of became a blur. I’d walk up and down the beach in search of another human being.

I could see cars driving across the cliff and felt like if I could yell just loud enough, that one could hear or see me. That’s all it would take to make it back to my family. Just one person noticing me.

About 3 days had passed by now and the back of my jeans were torn apart, my socks were nothing but holes, and I could start feeling the effects of dehydration.

I found my way back to my car and started looking around for anything I could use.

I found a 10-inch black hose that seemed to have fallen off of my vehicle during the crash.

I walked farther south down the beach than I ever had before and heard a dripping sound.

I looked up and saw a huge patch of moss with water dripping down from it. I caught the water in my hands and tasted it. It was fresh!!!!”

Credit: Angela Hernandez

“I collected as much as I could in my little hose and drank from it for maybe an hour.

Every day, this became my ritual. I’d walk up and down the beach looking for new high ground, screaming ‘help’ at the top of my lungs, and collecting water falling from the top of the cliffs.

My last morning on the beach was an especially good one.

When I woke up I saw a woman walking across the shore. I thought she was a dream.

I screamed, “HEEELLLPPPPP!” and then got up as quickly as I could and ran over to her. She was with a man and I don’t think they could believe their eyes.

They acted so quickly.

She ran down the beach and up a trail to go find help while the man stayed with me and gave me fresh water.

He told me they were a married couple who loved the ocean and had been exploring when they had come across my destroyed vehicle.

I couldn’t believe that we had finally found each other.”

Credit: Angela Hernandez

“Eventually, a rescue team was able to pull me up the cliff and lead me to a helicopter that took me to a nearby hospital.

There, I was reunited with my family and discovered the extent of my injuries.

During the first few days after the crash, I was suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

The crash had also caused me to fracture 4 ribs, break and fracture both collar bones, have a lung collapse, rupture blood vessels in both eyes, and experience intense sunburns on my hands, feet, and face.

But, at the end of the day, none of that matters.

I feel like I have everything I’ve ever wanted.

I’m sitting here in the hospital, laughing with my sister until she makes broken bones hurt.

I’ve met some of the most beautiful human beings that I think I’ll ever meet in my entire life.

I’ve experienced something so unique and terrifying and me that I can’t imagine that there isn’t a bigger purpose for me in this life.

I don’t know, you guys, life is incredible.”

— Angela Hernandez

Little boy is so happy to give his girlfriend gifts – and her reaction is JUST as adorable!

Photos posted on social media of a little boy taking his girlfriend flowers and gifts on Valentine’s Day are sure to brighten your day.

Credit: Twitter / gxlaurra

Laura shared the photos of her little brother and the girl’s reaction on Twitter and the post has over 500,000 likes.

Credit: Twitter / gxlaurra

“Oh my god his lovely cheeks and smile! Hahaha I love this,” one user replied.

“I love how happy they look,”replied another.

“OMG he looks just like a cabbage patch kid.”

Tired of people borrowing things then not giving them back? This girl found a hilarious strategic plan; it’s genius.

When she received an absolutely gigantic pencil as a gift, the twitter user who simply goes by oscarewilde, had a hilarious idea of what to do with it!

“i received this comically large pencil as a gift several years ago and my first thought, understandably, was ‘what the christ am i meant to do with this?’” she tweeted, starting up the hilarious tweet-versation.

Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde
Credit: Twitter / Oscarewilde

It doesn’t end there though, not without an interlude of some replies:


Then, somebody asked how they’re supposed to sharpen that pencil…

Credit: Twitter

But really…


These Old Images Of The London Underground During The Blitz Were Colourized And They’re INCREDIBLE!

Lottie Cutcher, the person behind the instagram account, ‘colourisedphotographs’ has coloured photographers to show a more accurate picture of how people took shelter in the London Underground throughout the early 1940s.

In her own words, Lottie said:

I chose to colourise a series of photographs from the Blitz during World War Two. The original images are so interesting, and I find it surreal that people took shelter in all sorts of places whilst the war was happening around their homes. I hope that by doing this, I can reinforce that people over 75 years ago looked and felt just the same as we do today. Hope you enjoy them!

Credit: Lottie Cutcher

The Blitz was a bombing raid during 1940 and 1941, which happened almost daily. During these times, Londoners were encouraged to take cover in the stations and tunnels of the London Underground overnight.

Credit: Lottie Cutcher

The British government initially were concerned that people would be too afraid to leave the tube and would not come out through the day to help work towards the war effort.

However, many had nowhere to go, so they relented.

Credit: Lottie Cutcher

Around 150,000 people slept in the tube every night, a total of 177,000 people spent the night on the underground on the 27th September 1940.

Credit: Lottie Cutcher

The stations were far from safe, however. Thousands of people were killed from direct hits on the stations.

In March 1943, 173 people were killed in a crush at Bethnal Green station, after a woman panicked and slipped whilst entering the station via the stairs.

Credit: Lottie Cutcher

Some felt safer sleeping with the noise of the bombing above more muffled as they slept, so headed further into the stations and tunnels.

Credit: Lottie Cutcher
Credit: Lottie Cutcher

How a tweet saved 26 girls being human trafficked

Technology when paired with human kindness can be an incredible thing, literally performing miracles!

Twenty-six girls were rescued whilst on the brink of being taken by human traffickers after a vigilant  passenger sent out a timely tweet.

Source: India TV

The passenger, who has been called a hero, named Adarsh Shrivastava was traveling on a train in the northern Indian state of Uttah Pradesh. He then noticed something suspicious, inside the cabin he was travelling in,  he noticed a very large group of juvenile girls, all of them clearly uneasy, and some visibly upset.

Shrivastava quickly got his phone out and tweeted at railway authorities in the hopes of alerting them of the situation.

Credit: Hindustan Times
Credit: Hindustan Times

A few stops later, thankfully, plain-clothed railway police officers boarded the train and successfully rescued the 26 girls.

Two men were also arrested, reported the Hindustan Times, citing the railway officials.

The girls were later transferred to state child welfare authorities, who are working hard on reconnecting them with their families and parents.

Despite being hailed a hero by many on social media, Shrivastava said in response, “Thanks, but as a citizen of India it’s our responsibility to help people.”

You won’t believe what these dogs are made out of and how they’re made!

We are used to seeing the most fascinating things on Instagram.

From the world’s most expensive watch, to James Francos weird semi-naked photos (yes we still remember those), to girls who can contour their faces to make them look like Angelina Jolie.

But today we have something much more bizarre, cute, and unusual for you to feast your eyes upon!

World’s most expensive watch – Credit: 1lanascolaro / instagram

For starters, take a look at this cute family of pug puppies! Aren’t they adorable?

Well, things aren’t as they seem!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

These incredible animal sculptures are edible.

They’re made from ice cream!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

We simply can’t get over how incredible the detail is!

And you might be surprised by the price.

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

The glorious photos were shared by the Reddit user ‘Penguin4466’ who said the dessert cost justs 250nt, which is no more than 8 dollars!

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

“I’d eat it, but I’d cry while doing so,” joked one user.

“This is the coolest and most horrifying thing ever,” added another.

Credit: J.C. Co / Facebook

The restaurant, named J.C. Co, is an Italian/European eatery, but they also specialise in ice cream… as you can tell!

Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

Here’s the proof that it is really mad of just ice cream!


Credit: Penguin4466 / Reddit

When asked to comment on the making process, the restaurant remained humble, simply stating ‘it’s just ice cream, made like all ice cream!’.

How these sheep got into someone’s house is unbelievable

Sometimes when you think you’re doing someone a favour and helping them, you’re actually just making the situation worse…

Take Rocky, the sheepdog-in-training, for example. At just seven month’s old, he took the honour of herding a flock of sheep to his owner’s farm whilst she was in the kitchen.

It gets better.

Credit: Fortitude Press

They weren’t even their sheep!

And rather than herding them into their pen at the farm, Rocky got them all into the house!

The owner left the kitchen only to find an entire flock chilling in the hallways of the house.

Credit: METRO

Upon being in an unfamiliar situation, unluckily for the farm owner, Rosalyn Edwards, the nine sheepish sheep begun peeing and pooping on the floor.

The 40 year old from Devon said:

‘I thought it was funny at the time, but then there was quite a lot of wee, poo and mud everywhere.

‘It took me a little while to clean it all up.

‘My son and husband had gone out into the field, and the gate was left open. Rocky got them out and led them to the house.

‘I was in the kitchen and heard a noise. I turned around and the sheep were just standing there.

‘There were about nine of them.

‘I took the children into another room and then tried to guide the sheep out. They went right around from the kitchen and left again through the porch.’

Credit: Fortitude Press

In the video below, Rosalyn, who runs a small farm along with her husband Andrew, you can hear her trying to shoo the sheep to get them on the move.

She said the flock shuffled through their house, trampling dirt wherever they went. 

Only after they’d had a good look around, Rosalyn said they finally left through the porch at the entrance to their house!

She claims to have seen the funny side of her eager-to-learn sheepdog’s efforts, despite the chaos caused!

She added, Rocky did look quite pleased with himself, but he’s going to need more training.


‘He brought a whole new meaning to “bringing the sheep home”.

‘This is the first time he’s done something like this. He’s been out with the sheep before but this time the gate was open.

This guy made a Tinder profile… for his malamute! The resulting conversations are HILARIOUS

Meet Phil, an Alaskan Malamute, who has built up quite the following online over the past couple of years! With over 350,000 Instagram followers watching his every move, we have seen a lot of progress in his owner’s lives through him.

This is Phil.

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

When the dog’s owners got married, they made Phil best man, and their other malamute the maid of honour, it was too cute!

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

As you can tell, neither of them are afraid of the camera!

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

They even made it onto the cake as figurines.

Credit: lifewithmalamutes

But now, it’s Phil’s turn to find love, and his owner’s have created the best Tinder page we’ve ever seen!

In his photo, Phil looks dapper all made up in his tie and collar. He’s searching within Los Angeles, as well as Boston, so hopefully he manages to ‘fetch’ the perfect companion.

Credit: lifewithmalamutesLet’s count down the funniest conversations people had with ‘Phil’ on Tinder, they’re amazing:


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes


Credit: lifewithmalamutes
Credit: lifewithmalamutes

The world’s first Pay-What-You-Can Grocery Store has opened

In Toronto, a new grocery store has opened. But there’s a difference. There’s no price tags on anything!

The reason for that is that the 1,100-square-foot market run on the motto of ‘pay-what-you-can’.

Credit: Feed It Forward

The food available at the world’s first pay-what-you-can grocery store comes from farms, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bakeries and more.

None of the food is expired, rotted, or ruined. Companies simply get rid of good produce for being naturally bruised or misshaped, as shoppers can sometimes shy away from these, or simply as they have too much stock in their warehouses.

“There are big companies that have a lot of (food) stuff stored away in big warehouses and not all of it is sold,” said the store owner, Jagger Gordon, who is a chef in Toronto chef who founded the Feed It Forward initiative. “There’s nothing wrong with the products we get; some stores just mandate that the food can’t sit longer for four or six months on the shelf. For example, we have pet food here that’s still six months away from the optimal freshness date.”

Gordon says that in order to feed as many people as possible, customers are limited to one day’s worth of food for a family so the shop is able to feed as many people as possible.

People are also able to sign up to have a box of food, packaged with fresh produce and recipes which is sent to them twice a week.

“The concept behind the store is showcasing how Canadians can utilize the food that’s destined for landfills: perfectly edible food that shouldn’t be thrown out and can be filling the empty bellies of our citizens,” Gordon said to The Toronto Star.

The Feed It Forward store is funded largely by Gordon’s catering business, as well as fundraising efforts. If you would also like to help out, you can donate to the nonprofit, or volunteer at the grocery store, you can visit the Feed It Forward website.

This ‘Mobile Airbag’ Might Be The Accessory That Saves Your Phone From Future Falls!

The German society for Mechatronics have recently given the award for outstanding work in the field of mechatronics. All across Germany, universities were asked to submit their best bachelor theses.

The most interesting of the inventions was created by the winner of the first place prize. 25 year old Philip Frenzel created an ingenious idea to develop an airbag for a mobile phone!

Credit: Pre-View-Online

Frenzel said his goal was to not compromise the aesthetic of the phone with an ugly protective shell, and instead have something that only deploys when the phone is in danger.

To achieve this, he created a mechanism with sensors able to detect when the phone is free falling and quickly activate before it hits the surface.

The curled metal legs lie flat inside the case, however once released they pop out to soften the blow of the fall, protecting the phone from impact.

The project is to be financed by crowdfunding on Kickstarter in July!

Check out the video below.