Amber’s boyfriend Andrew just revealed her due date and we’re blushing

Just recently, Amber announced that she’s expecting a baby boy with her new boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. The news came in as a bit of a shock for Amber’s family and friends, but everything is glancing out now.


“Love my little family????????????,” Amber wrote on Instagram. She’s been recently accused of being a “deadbeat” mom but quickly debunked the rumors. “Some of you are absolutely horrible people! I was in boot camp for 3 weeks during leahs summer break making more money than some of you shit talkers dream of!! My kid has college funds because of me! F**k o** lol.”

“This is the stigma against mothers with disorders. Pick yourself up mentality. This is not the message you should be sending because not all people are as strong and end up taking their own lives. Please don’t spread the pick yourself up mentality to people with mental disorders,” she added.


Amber is now dedicating her free time to support journies through mental health struggles, “I’m excited to share a new venture with you all!! I will be starting a #YouTube channel to help bring awareness about people and their amazing journeys through mental health struggles.”

The due date

Amber’s new boyfriend, Andrew, just leaked her due date!


“Bombs away! Little James’ due date: MAY 13th, Mother’s day! One day before Amber’s actual birthday,” Andrew mentioned on Instagram.


The couple recently spent some quality time together, going around the country and having fun.

“Good Morning loves! Wanted to share the beautiful view with everyone????”

Good Morning loves! Wanted to share the beautiful view with everyone????

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