Amber Portwood just announced her new Part-Time job, “I’m excited to share a new venture with you all!”


Amber Portwood is expecting a baby boy wit Andrew Glennon and she looks as happy as ever. Amber had her fair share of struggles with mental illness but now she seems to be recovering well. She was recently called out for being a deadbeat mom, her response was pretty clear.


She addressed the accusations: “To shame a mother for keeping a child happy and safe from own depression is disturbing!” “And to think I have to explain myself for a horrible point in life is even more degrading!”


“I’m sick and tired of these comments about my daughter! Leah is my world and SHE knows it! That’s what matters! People go through horrible times when they split and I’m no exception! I was depressed and horribly sad so I did the best thing and made sure my daughter was protected!”


Fans had their own take on what’s going on with Amber: “I think that Leah triggers Amber’s anxiety because she knows she should be a better mom to Leah, and so Amber avoids her. When you’re depressed and have anxiety you know what you should be doing, and you know you’re not living up to expectations. It’s easier to do anything else than the thing you know you should do so you don’t face the fact that you’re failing. I think that she’s in a negative feedback loop of feeling bad that she isn’t a great mom to Leah. This doesn’t excuse her behavior, it’s just my small theory. I’m also very worried about baby Glennon. She’s not ready to be a full time mom,” papier_peint Reddit.

New Job, Venture

Portwood shared a factualized photo on Instagram, claiming that: “Each year, approximately 44 million american adults will experience serious mental health condition… less than half will seek treatment due to stigma and discrimination.”

Her new mission is to create a YouTube channel to help people with their struggles. “I’m excited to share a new venture with you all!! I will be starting a #YouTube channel to help bring awareness about people and their amazing journeys through mental health struggles. Please send questions and inspirational stories I can share to
I will share the YouTube channel right when it’s set up!! Sending all my love???????? ”

Baby Glennon

“Little baby Glennon is on his way!!????????” Amber announces the pregnancy back in December 2017.

Little baby Glennon is on his way!!????????

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She’s expecting a baby boy with her now-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. She met Andrew while filming The Marriage Boot Camp with Matt Baier. Since then, the now ex-couple have gone separate ways, Matt got married to a mystery woman in Las Vegas and Amber got pregnant.

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