After 2 months of coronavirus lockdown, India’s most polluted river is now cleaner than ever


The cleanup of Yamuna river, India’s most polluted river, couldn’t be achieved by twenty five years of successive government and enormous budget. However, it was done during only two months of the coronavirus lockdown.

Rivers heal during lockdown

Lockdown has shown the brighter side in nature's healing, restrictions on roads and industries have lowered pollution levels both in air and water, most rivers along with Yamuna and Ganga have shown significantly cleaner water and healthier marine life.

Posted by National Herald on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Yamuna flows through seven states, with industrial units discharging their untreated effluents into it. With the halt of all commercial and industrial activities during lockdown, the Yamuna river was finally given the opportunity to clean itself.

In Delhi, the river is now cleaner by around 33%. Indian and migratory birds can now even be seen swimming in the river’s clearer waters. Dr Rajeev Chauhan, who has been studying the Yamuna river for the past 30 years, says he has never seen the river this clean.

“The river has cleaned itself using its own biological capacity. Now, state governments need to ensure that industrial waste is not dumped into it again,” said Diwan Singh, an environmental conservationist.

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