70 Plus Animals Rescued & Cleared Out Of Baldwin County Animal Shelter


The Baldwin County Animal Shelter shared reports of the rescue of 70 plus animals, leaving its facilities totally cleared out.

The organization was extremely excited to share this great news with the public as they were able to seek refuge for the animals that were in their care.

With the help of some amazing rescue staff, and volunteers, they were able to clear out the entire shelter of more than 70 animals.

The following rescues all brought something different to the table to help. They were able to get dog food that was donated by Hill’s Science Diet, helping around the shelter, networking, finding legitimate rescues with proven positive backgrounds, taking pictures, videos, assessments, and lining up wonderful transport groups.

The shelter now has room to start following up on complaints & bringing in the next group of dogs so they can find their owners or new homes.

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Leke Babalola