6 year old’s raise $13,000 for immigrant children separated from parents


When you think of the $20,000 million raised through one viral Facebook fundraiser, $13,000 might not sound like a tonne of money… but for a 6 year old, it’s definitely nothing to look down at!

Shannon Cofrin Gaggero was one of the many people talking about the viral fundraiser, when her son begun talking to her about ways they could help children who have been separated from their families at the Mexico – USA border.

He said, “what about a lemonade stand?”

“We were like that’s a great idea, it’s hot as Hades in Atlanta,” Gaggero told Time magazine’s MONEY.

Credit: Stand_for_kids

On Sunday, the Gaggero family along with some of the other families in the neighborhood set up a lemonade stand in Atlanta, their hometown, the benefit RAICES. They managed to raise over a thousand dollars for the Texas-based nonprofit that provide legal and educational services for immigrants.

Even days after, once the lemonade stand had come and gone, the Facebook fundraising page set up on June 19th continued to gain traction and supplement the funds from their lemonade stand even days after the event ended.

Credit: Stand_for_kids

RAICES also tweeted, supporting the cause, ‘Young people will lead the way.’

Despite the modest $1,000 goal, in just six days the family and friend had generated over $13,000.
RAICES have also benefited from other viral Facebook fundraisers, including one which began on June 16th, in which the donations have tripled the budget of the nonprofit, according to company executives.

Gaggero says although her son don’t understand the depth of the separation issues going on at the border that they’re supporting, he has still been touched by the news and feels it is wrong.

Credit: Shannon Cofrin Gaggero

“It tugged at his heart strings,” she says. “For kids, the concept of being separated from your parents is very real and very scary.”

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