5 Adorable Cat Tattoos That Cat Owners Would Love


Cat owners have shared some amazing cat tattoos they got done and they’re absolutely adorable to say the least. Here’s our top 5. They are bound to leave cat lovers jealous!


Look how that cute face goes with the wink. A simple tattoo concept, so well executed.


It’s top marks from us for this artistic expression. You can tell the personalities of the cats and their owner just from this photo, and they seem like a very high-spirited bunch.


This cute little guy looks so adorable, drawn into a little tea cup.


What’s so cute about this? Just look how happy the kitty looks, forming shapes and playing with his tail. Just melts the heart.


This looks to be a representation of cat mom and cat touching palm and paw. This is symbolizes companionship and shows the sentimental value this tattoo art holds to the cat owner. Simplicity is key, and it’s no surprise this is top on our list.

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Leke Babalola