3 Creative Ways People Have Worn Face Masks


With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on in parts of the world, social distancing and preventive measures are being maintained to curtail the further spread. For most people, regular face mask and hand gloves would suffice. But for these 3 people, that just seems a bit too ordinary and probably doesn’t express their character enough. Is it a fashion statement? Are they taking extra precautions? or are they simply improvising due to scarce PPE? Whatever the reason, it’s top marks from us for their creativity!

  1. Man Clad in a Plague Doctor Costume.

This man went out to grab his beer fully clad in 17th Century plague doctor PPE. How did he get it? Well, we aren’t so sure how to reach him for answers. It looks a bit scary, but pretty cool all the same. It could also serve as a Halloween costume as well, (if disinfected of course).

2. Grandma Rocks Joker-Inspired Masks.

‘A’ for creativity on this, as she looks set to battle Bruce Wayne for the control of Gotham City.

3. As Seen in a Supermarket in Quebec.

We’ve saved the best for last with this one. She decided to stop by a supermarket for groceries in probably one of the most eye-catching protective gear. The latex suit screams fashion statement and to be honest, she really does pull it off. But we do wonder how uncomfortable it might be.


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Leke Babalola