2-Year-Old Baby Genius Shows Off His Knowledge


A two-year-old child named Harry Pile, is a super intelligent toddler from Liverpool who can identify various country flags and brand/company logos with seeming ease.

His parents, Shellie and Steve, said he has a “photographic memory” and his ability to retain and recall information is astounding.

News of this very intelligent and adorable toddler got to Ellen DeGeneres, the host of “TheEllenShow”. She brought Harry and his parents on the show and gave the toddler the opportunity to demonstrate his skills by identifying a whole host of flags and logos by image.

Right after showing off his skills, the very impressed Ellen gifts the boy and his parents an all expense paid trip to Disney land!

His parents confirmed that Harry has a knack for languages and has already started learning Russian.

Steve and Shellie have already begun looking at nurseries and some have said Harry could plateau, something they can’t see happening anytime soon given Harry’s unique ability to retain information.

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Leke Babalola