10 Simple And Easy Little Hacks That Will Improve Your Life!


1. The best way of getting rid of pilling on old fabrics isn’t a lint roller, it’s a razor!

A razor easily breaks through stubborn build up, and most people have a razor kicking around anyway.

Credit: One Good Thing by Jillee

2. Don’t leave your straw floating in the can!

Use the tab instead

3. We’re sure you’ve seen people doing this, but always wondered why…

Try this to secure your earphone cord!

Credit: Life Hacker

4. You’ll have noticed that if you scribble or cross out a word or line, it’s very clearly visible. 

A more effective method is to write letters on top of the words will do a better job at covering up the mess-up.

Credit: Reddit | yourmom46

5. Does your plug keep coming updone when you move around?!

Make a small knot which will secure the plug no matter how much you move it around.

6. Wrap your beveral in wet paper paper towels and put it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.

This will chill down your drink to the max, and in shorter time than usual!

Imgur | nomnomnetwork

7. Ever wandered what the loop hook things on your shopping cart are?

They’re to hang bags on, to make sure they don’t fall onto over more fragile items.

Credit: 22 Words

8. Pinch the tip of the other end of the banana, it’ll peel very easily!

Credit: Instructables

9. Hate having filling-less corners of bread? 

Arrange your bread toppings like this to make them a thing of the past.

Credit: Reddit | LauraJesson

10. Stop wasting toothpaste when you get to the end of the tube!

Use a bobby pin to get every drop out.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

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